New release: onboarding, transcription, player, dashboard

Today we have done a major release containing the following updates:

1. Onboarding
The way new users start their Springcast journey has now changed. We have smoothed the proces where you create an account and create your first podcast show.

2. Transcription
With this release it is possible (for clients with the correct subscription) to connect your Amberscript account to your Springcast account with an API key. With the API key in place you can send the audio file from Springcast to Amberscript and Amberscript will return the transcript. This transcript is editable in our dashboard and will be displayed in our players.

3. Player
The embedded player is completely rebuild to be more stable and perform better. One of the wishes from feedback from our clients has been honoured with the waveform now displayed on every screen width.

4. Dashboard
While most visitors will only see a more stylish dashboard, under the hood we have made a great deal of changes. The whole dashboard is now modular, therefor it is much easier for us to add changes in the future.