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A world-class podcast hosting and podcasting marketing toolkit, without compromising on privacy. We are GDPR compliant and 100% European.

More than podcast hosting

A complete podcast suite for podcasters.

Yes. We'll host your podcast files and of course we'll make it easy to publish your podcast to Spotify, Google and Apple podcasts

But that's not all. We're constantly developing new podcast tools and services to make your life as a podcaster easier. 

Podcast to spotify, apple podcasts and google podcasts

We like to keep things simple

Simple podcast management system

We love creativity, but we also believe in simplicity. Especially for podcast hosting platforms. Simply log in, upload your files and you're up and running.

Springcast Podcast Analytics dashboard -1
Springcast app dashboard

An easy to use dashboard

What's not to like about a dashboard with graphs? Within your dashboard, you can quickly see how well your podcast is doing, but also which episodes are popular among you audience.


We wanted to create an environment easy enough for anyone to use without having to compromise in technical features. And so we did.

And yet scalable

Don't be fooled by its simplicity. Our platform is scalable and even suitable for large corporations and media companies. 

Podcast player

You can also embed your podcast on your website with a code that can be used in any CMS.

You can choose between a light and a dark player, or decide to customise the podcast to your own corporate identity.

Embedded player
Podcast Website

Podcast website

Each show you create has its own website, indexed by Google and other search engines.

And the best part? You don't have to do a thing. Just upload your content and we'll do the rest. Because we not only host your podcast, but also its website.

Every podcast website is designed automatically, but you can also customize the design to your corporate identity.

Podcast analytics

We get it. We're podcasters ourselves. Real-time analytics are important, so we don't just limit ourselves to podcast hosting, but also offer podcast analytics.

Partly because good looking graphs and charts show you that hard work pays off. But mostly because it allows you to improve your content and show potential advertisers how valuable your content is.

Podcast listeners Heatmap

Basic functionality

Podcast management

Podcast website

Share podcast

Podcast analytics


Privacy & data

Advanced Features

Advanced & Growth

Enterprise functions

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Martijn Aslander about podcast hosting at Springcast

"As a storyteller and content creator you want to operate as flawless as possible. Springcast makes it happen so easily, so you can focus on your real job; telling stories."
Martijn Aslander
Martijn Aslander
Digital fitness

Podcast hosting

Designed for companies and

Professional tools to build a community around your podcast.

Specially designed to build and load a brand with your podcast.

Integrations with the marketing tools you already use.

Anyone can do it

Distribute your podcast

Every podcast show has its own Springcast RSS link. Add it to one of the major podcast directories, such as Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Spotify or Stitcher and your new episodes will be added automatically. The link also works in almost all other directories.

Podcast directories

Choose from one of our

Podcast hosting packages

Find our podcast hosting packages below. Do you need more than our
Growth package? Then contact us for a tailor-made offer.

Pricing per podcast show. You can have multiple podcast shows in your account.



€ per month

Essential has:
Unlimited 'episodes'
Unlimited storage
Unlimited downloads
Available in 10 languages
Your own podcast website
Your own embedded player
All your podcasts in 1 dashboard
Basic Analytics



€ per month

Everything in Essential, plus;
Unlimited users
Pre- mid- post- rolls
Private podcast
Custom branded player
Custom branded website
Call to actions
Advanced Analytics



€ per month

Everything in Advanced, plus;
Pre- Mid- Post- rolls
Video snippets
Audio optimisation with AI
Export statistics
Amberscript integration
Remove Springcast branding
Custom domain
Powering podcasts from the world's most
prominent brands

Frequently asked questions about podcast hosting

Are you new to podcast hosting or have you just discovered that you need podcast hosting to broadcast your podcast on Spotify, Apple or Google? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Most people listen to podcasts via one of the major podcast players, such as Spotify, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Stitcher or Overcast. These are streaming services that fetch the files from a server. And make sure that your podcast can be listened to.

A podcast host makes it possible for you to easily deliver all relevant files, such as the sound file, an image, show notes, etc. to streaming services such as Spotify, Apple and Google.

Podcast hosting is necessary to be able to stream your podcast to your followers.

When you host your podcast with a dedicated podcast host, you usually create a podcast show. A podcast show is your podcast name. And when you record a podcast episode, you upload it to your podcast show.

The podcast host generates an RSS feed that you specify for the various podcast players (Spotify, etc). Every time you upload a new episode, the podcast players will automatically fetch your episodes.

Yes, you could, it's not recommended though, for numerous reasons, such as the many hosting parties that do not allow or support the hosting of audio/video files.

In addition, if several people stream your podcast at the same time, it can have a negative impact on the performance of your website.

Usually, in the beginning (when your podcast is still relatively unknown) you will pay around €10 - €20 for podcast hosting. You can also find free alternatives, but then advertisements are usually placed over your podcasts or you get less functionality than with a paid podcast host. It can be a good start if you are just starting out with your podcast, though.

No matter what others say... there is only one right answer... Springcast 😉

But no kidding. There are countless good parties online. In any case, check if it is really a company and what the support is like. At Springcast, support is in Dutch.