Best podcast

The best podcasts.

Springcast regularly selects the best podcasts. The best Dutch podcasts, but also the best international podcasts. 

For personal growth

Do you want to keep developing yourself and are you looking for valuable knowledge? Then these are the best podcasts on personal development.

For entrepreneurs

These are the best podcasts for and by entrepreneurs. From tips on how to run your business to interviews with successful entrepreneurs.

For relaxation

Would you like to relax every now and then with a podcast playing in the background? These podcasts will help you relax, make you laugh, wonder or be amazed.

Podcast charts

Of course we regularly come across new Dutch podcasts, which we also share on our blog. In addition, there are quite a few podcast charts by now, so we regularly check via Chartable what the new podcast charts are from Spotify, Apple and Google.

And we also look, for example, at the Dutch Podcast Awards, podcast listening tips from NRC, PodNL and And also at the Dutch media company Juke you get a nice list of Dutch and foreign podcasts.

So there is plenty to choose from and plenty of inspiration to be found. We have now made a shortlist with podcasts for personal growth, entrepreneurs or relaxation. But of course there are many more lists to make. Perhaps there will soon be hit lists for podcasts about football, horse riding or camping.

Your podcast on the hit list

So we base our shortlist of best podcasts on all sorts of well-known and lesser-known podcast experts in the market. Have you discovered a podcast that should be on our shortlist and want to share it? We'd love to hear from you! Feel free to leave your tip(s) in the comments below.

And remember...great successes start small. So do you have a great podcast idea? Start your podcast and hosting with Springcastthe first 30 days are simply free ;D