Dutch Podcast Awards 2021; the Dutch podcast listener decides!

Dutch podcast Awards 2021
The annual Dutch Podcast Awards will be presented shortly... We are curious what the Dutch podcast listeners will vote for! Do you want to vote too? Or want to know more about these Awards? Read the article below :D.

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A lot of cool new podcasts have been produced in the past year. And so it is time again to ask the Dutch podcast listener his opinion;

Which podcast deserves a Dutch Podcast Award?

The Dutch Podcast Award has been presented since 2018 and in the meantime this coveted prize can be won in 9 different categories. It looks pretty cool on your bedside table; such an appreciation by the Dutch public.

And of course, it brings Springcast also cast his vote on 22 September and until then you can nominate your favourite podcast!

The expert jury

As said: the Dutch podcast listener decides. In addition, the professional jury consisting of various experts and professionals from the world of media and podcasting will give their opinion. Their votes count for 30%. 

Who are they? Well, Simone Snaterse, initiator of podcastvrouw.nl, Koos Tervooren of well-known podcastagency Microphone Media, Richard den Haring of PodNL and alongside these podcast insiders also well-known names from the media world such as Erik de Zwart and Mischa Blok.

BNR Nieuwsradio, initiator of these Dutch Podcast Awards, has certainly succeeded in putting together a professional jury of distinction!

Nominate - Vote - Win!

So the nominating process has begun... And if you have a favourite podcast, make sure you nominate this podcast for a coveted Dutch Podcast Award.

From 22 September the real voting by the Dutch public will start. Then we will hear which nominees there are in the 9 different categories of the Dutch Podcast Awards 2021.

On 26 and 27 October, after much deliberation, the expert jurors will hopefully decide which nominees can be declared winners. You can follow the results online or on the radio... 

And on 28 October the podcast gala will take place in Krasnapolsky. On that day we shall hear who is to be crowned best host and we shall know which podcast may bear the title of 'Best podcast in the Netherlands' in 2021.

Nominate podcast awards 2021

Netherlands loves Podcasts

The podcast community in the Netherlands continues to grow. And the Dutch Podcast Awards prove it once again. Just look at how this event has grown in the past three years...

The Netherlands has embraced podcasting.

So many great podcast productions to choose from, it's going to be a tough job. We'll be sure to keep you posted on which nominees and winners emerge this year. And until then;

Happy Podcasting, Happy Podcastlistening!

Majella Loef

Majella Loef

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