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new podcast episode january 2021
In the first month of the new year, many new podcasts were added. Discover some of the new gems at Springcast in this article!

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New year; new Dutch podcasts!

The new year has started with a lot of new Dutch podcasts. We had a hard time choosing. In the selection below you will find a special mix of podcasts about marketing, business, personal development and... a podcast you might have come across in the media.

Check the list below 😀

Miracle Marketing Podcast

In this expert podcast, Chantal talks to successful and well-known marketers, who share their personal tips, tricks and tools.

Already in the first podcast, Chantal talks to Danny Oosterveer about Data-Based Marketing. Danny is one of the well-known names from the marketing world who shares his expertise in this podcast. 

This podcast, which lasts an average of 40 minutes, is packed with quality and is highly recommended if you want to increase your knowledge as a marketer or if you want to keep up to date with developments in marketing as an entrepreneur.


Marketing / Business

The Service

You may have come across this podcast on The ADbut the AIVD launched its own podcast at Springcast this month. 

In De Dienst, Liesbeth puts herself in the shoes of a new AIVD employee and goes through the basic training that every new intelligence officer takes.

You get a look behind the scenes of the AIVD and find out, for instance, how secret microphones are placed and how conversations are tapped. Of course, this requires a good legal basis... you'll learn more about that too. 

Be surprised by this podcast, which immediately reached number 1 in the national top 100 on iTunes!



The Brainteaser Podcast

In this podcast, Raoul, Bas and Helen humorously and light-heartedly take you on the road to a happier life. How cool!

And they use their experience as coaches and knowledge of e.g. mindset, behaviour, communication and NLP. They use practical examples and share experiments you can do yourself.

One of the things I listened to was the podcast "What you can influence". It immediately feels like joining a group of friends who talk about personal experiences for half an hour in a cosy, open way. As a thirty-something (yes, I can still call myself that ;P) I felt right at home with these three. 



Self development/ NLP

Personal Leadership Bookcast

So many books to read and so little time... There are so many interesting books in the field of Personal Leadership and they are all full of valuable insights.

Geert understands that there are only 24 hours in a day, so he makes lovely short 3 to 4 minute podcasts in which he shares with you the most important insights of a book. So you can let those insights sink in before listening to new ones ;).

The first book he discusses is Basic habits by James Clear. Geert already shared 15 insights from this book about self-control, behavioural change, the power of repetition and much more... Enjoy listening!



Personal leadership

Money Matters

Making the world a better place is certainly helped by having good funds. With money you can create social impact and you will hear the best way to do that in this podcast.

Ruben interviews various guests for 45 minutes on issues such as impact investing, investing in social enterprises and fair opportunities for social entrepreneurs.

We do like this podcast as a platform for a world where we invest in each other :D. 


Finance / Social Investment

Paragliding Flight Talk

We see more and more enthusiast podcasts coming up, what a wealth when you can just listen to a podcast made by someone who is just as much of an enthusiast as you are!

In this podcast, Harro Brouwer takes you into the enchanting world of paragliding. He talks to other paragliding pilots about their great love of paragliding.

And in the episodes, the pilots share their own tips and tricks. The episodes last about 30 minutes and are also worth listening to if you are not a paraglider (yet). 



Leisure /Paragliding

Heart Woman Podcast

Living from the heart... that sounds like something fantastic, but perhaps also somewhat elusive. In her podcast Bianca talks to several women who have taught her or others about it.

I listened to the podcast about the reversal method and heard how Sylvia Leegwater was one of the founders of "systemic thinking" which has a lot in common with the reversal method she developed 20 years ago.

This podcast and others will certainly inspire you if you are looking for what high sensitivity is, how children mirror parents and how you develop self-love. 


Self-development/High Sensitivity

Daily Business Boost

This podcast by Aramik Garabidian is a wonderfully varied and accessible podcast for entrepreneurs and professionals on a variety of topical subjects.

Aramik talks to expert Jeanet Bathoorn about the new audio social app; Clubhouse. You immediately get an idea of the possibilities for your business or company and hear what the do's and don'ts are. Pretty handy...

Youtube & Video marketing, personal branding and leadership are other topics that are reviewed. And Aramik also shares books and insights. A very complete podcast for the listener who likes to listen to business podcasts.



What other Dutch podcasts are there?

In the list above, we didn't manage to mention all the podcasts that are (new) at Springcast... And that hurts us a little. 

But fortunately we have a communitywhere you can find Dutch podcasts.

Not just the Springcast ones, but all the Dutch podcasts out there. And you can also search there. Pretty handy when you are looking for that paragliding podcast ;D.

Do you have a podcast and are you not yet in the Springcast Community? Register for free now and win a place for your podcast in our community.

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