Share a hidden podcast episode via a secret link

At Springcast, we have several options for sharing your podcast show with your listeners. You can share your podcast in these 5 ways:

  • Via a public podcast show, published on, for example, Spotify
  • Via a hidden podcast show, where only listeners can listen to the entire podcast show via the link
  • Via a private podcast show, where only listeners who are on the mailing list (Whitelist) can listen to the podcast show
  • Via your own branded podcast app which is only accessible to listeners of your company or organisation
  • Via a hidden episode, where only listeners can listen to the single episode via the secret link
This article is about the latter option, the episode that can be shared via a secret link.
👉 If you want to know more about the hidden or private podcast, please read in this article more. 
👉 Want to know more about the own Branded Company app? Request our Whitepaper.

Share an episode with secret link

Even in a public show, Springcast allows you to publish an episode that is only accessible to the people who receive the secret link from you.

By creating an episode and setting the publication date far in the future (e.g. 1/1/2030), you can share the podcast episode via the secret link after it has been created. 

This secret link can be found with the relevant episode under the menu item 'share'.

The episode is therefore not published on Spotify and cannot be found on your podcast website. Only the secret link gives the listener access. Below you can see how this looks in your dashboard.


hidden episode secret link

Plenty of ways to get your podcast heard, experiment and choose the way that works for you, your business and your listeners.

And of course we are constantly developing new features. If you still have questions or wishes, please contact our support.

Happy Podcasting!