How to strengthen your branding with podcasts as a self-employed person

strengthen branding with podcast
It is impossible to imagine everyday life without podcasts. Also in the business world the popularity keeps growing. Not surprising, because it is the ideal way to build your brand. It is a creative means of communication that you as an entrepreneur can use perfectly for your branding, both personally and professionally.

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By making podcasts, you can reach potential customers as well as existing customers. On top of that you also increase your brand awareness. Reason enough to embrace podcasts as an entrepreneur! 

But how can you as a self-employed person strengthen your branding with podcasts? And why would you want to add this to your marketing strategy? In this article, we answer these questions and share some tips for a good start. 

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What exactly is a podcast?

You are probably familiar with the podcast trend and know exactly what podcasting is. In that case, here's a refresher. 

A podcast (Ipod + broadcast) is an online audio file on a specific theme. This can be about anything. Sports, music or the current events of the week. You can also use a podcast to tell a story like an interview, column or blog. You can easily listen to it on your laptop or phone. Handy if you're on the road or not a big reader. 

Why add podcasting to your marketing strategy?

As a self-employed person, you are always looking for new ways to stand out or to make yourself visible to your potential customers. You probably already do this on platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. The podcast now also belongs in this list. A very suitable medium to add to your marketing strategy as a self-employed person. 

Why? Well, for these three reasons


To tell your story and grow

Creating a podcast is always about telling a good story. Share your experiences and visions on certain topics, and strengthen your branding. Expand your reach and inspire your listeners. And podcasting will help you grow, not just professionally, but personally too.  

Because whether you like it or not, podcasting sometimes challenges you on a personal level. Think of the criticism of certain listeners or difficult themes that you discuss. But also all the positive reactions from people you can inspire with your podcast. That makes you grow, not only professionally, but also as a human being. 

In order to get your story across well, it is important to keep in mind that you are telling a story with almost the same approach as a blog or article: mostly informative and inspiring. You want to take your listeners with you, make them curious or teach them something. Telling a good story requires good preparation, thought and relaxation. With these tips you can get your story across in the right way.

To inspire you to start podcasting, we have some possible topics for you.

  • Talk about customers who have launched a new product or about a great collaboration between you and your customer.
  • Share success stories about yourself or other people.
  • Interview an expert in your field or an influential person. 
  • Share tips with your listeners or address frequently asked questions.

And no worries, the great thing about a podcast is that it's not a live broadcast. All the material you've recorded can be listened to as you go. cut and paste until you have a perfect podcast.


Because it is a great way of networking

With podcasting you can easily expand your network by inviting guests during your podcast. Many experts or fellow entrepreneurs love to share their knowledge on various platforms. The more listeners you have, the more connections you can make and the more people will want to be guests on your podcast.

In addition, podcasts are also easy to share on platforms such as social media, Spotify and Google. At Springcast you can easily make your podcast integrate with various marketing tools. With this you will not only reach your own network, but people from all over the Netherlands can listen to your podcast. And when they find your podcast interesting, they can easily start following you. 

By inviting experts or business contacts you can easily expand your network. It's a great way to make your podcast interesting and build valuable connections. Chances are that the guests will share your podcast in their network and on social media. This in turn will result in a greater reach and more followers.

At Springcast we offer a community where podcasters, speakers and experts can find each other. You can expand your network easily and for free. It's great if you want to start making your own podcasts and are looking for experts or fellow podcasters. 

👉 Join our community for free and expand your network. 


To build your brand

Spreading your message, building a loyal fan base or claiming expert status? It's all possible with your podcast! And super good for your branding. By sharing valuable content during your podcast you create a better connection with your listeners. This will make the receiver more likely to want to commit to your brand.

Your voice is the connecting factor here. Because, let's face it, a story comes better to you when someone tells it than when you have to read it yourself, right? It is much more personal. Listeners therefore spend much more time and attention to your content. And this is exactly how you build a strong bond with your target group.

Podcasting and branding go hand in hand. It can be used for marketing, communication and sales. You can use it to reach a new target group and at the same time connect with your existing target group. With the right strategy, you can strengthen your branding enormously with podcasts. How to make such a well formulated podcast strategy? You can read about it in this item

As a self-employed person, you may not have a website and you may only profile yourself on LinkedIn, for example. At Springcast we believe that every podcast a beautiful, professional website deserves. And even if you already have a website, a separate platform for your podcast can offer many advantages. With Springcast your podcast website is optimised for SEO, fully available in your house style and offers the possibility to integrate with various marketing tools. 

Wondering why and how other companies use podcasts? In this item We will tell you more about this. 

Good preparation is half the battle

Now that you know why it's good to strengthen your branding with podcasts, it's time to get started.

Making a good podcast requires good preparation, the right strategy and, above all, a lot of love and attention. The rest is a matter of practice and before you know it you are a real podcaster. 

Tips for a good start

#1 Choosing a good concept

It is important that you choose a subject that suits you. Take a good look at your target audience, who are they and what do they need? Study other podcasts within your industry and determine what makes you unique.

#2 Make a structural planning

Make a clear list of topics and incorporate it into a weekly planning. A structural planning ensures better recognition and findability.

#3 Use a script as a guide

Our advice is to make a script for each podcast. This is the guiding principle of the interview. And if you are going to interview someone, it is useful for good preparation to send the questions in advance.

#4 Provide the right equipment

To prevent dropouts, it is advisable to purchase or hire the right equipment. What do you need? A microphone that you can connect to your laptop, charged batteries and a memory card with enough space.

#5 Test it in advance

Test your equipment beforehand at the recording location to make sure that the sound is good. Another useful tip: practise the interview at home to avoid a lot of editing work.

#6 Use a fixed structure

Make sure your podcast is instantly recognisable. The same beginning and end music every time. An introduction to yourself and the podcast. An outro with a summary etc. Whatever your structure is, apply it to every podcast.

#7 Select a hosting party

You need an online workspace for your podcast. A hosting party will store your podcast online and make sure that you can publish it online. The host also takes care of the statistics. And let us at Springcast be very good at this 😉 We are very good at this.

Practical tips for your podcast

Practice makes perfect and you have to start somewhere to make it your own. Just as we had to learn to walk, to talk, to ride a bicycle. Learn to fall and get up. You know what I mean 😉 Give yourself time to get better. 

And one last tip:

Enjoy, have fun and don't let that stop you from sharing your story!

PS. If the hint at tip #7 was not yet clear: at Springcast We would like to help you with your podcast. At the hosting your podcast, your podcast website and podcast statisticsContact us without obligation Contact us for the possibilities. 

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