Springcast launches new podcast: Masters Of Podcasting

The time has come! Springcast is launching its own podcast: Masters Of Podcasting. In this show, we engage with well-known podcasters and organisations on the one pressing question: what does a podcast add to your business?

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It is a long-held wish: to launch our own podcast. After all, for everything, practice what you preach 😉 This month, our wish will come true. Since today, the trailer of 'Masters Of Podcasting' online.

The name says it all: in this show, we engage with experts in podcasting. These can be professionals who guide organisations through the podcasting process, as well as entrepreneurs and organisations who have started successful podcasts themselves in recent years. 

A podcast about podcasting

With 'Masters of Podcasting' we hope to give you, our listener, an insight into the success of the podcast. After all, a podcast can seriously contribute to the awareness of your brand or organisation.

"Many organisations want to start a podcast, but are not sure how to go about it or what it 'does'. In our podcast, we explain what a podcast can do for you, by sharing stories from other organisations."
Nico Oud
Founder & CEO Springcast

Our own Nico Oud is himself one of the guests on the show. Other guests include the General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD), business coach Kim Munnekom, funeral insurer DELA, the province North Holland and entrepreneur Floor Schoenmakers.

We kick off on Tuesday 7 March with former radio DJ and podcast expert Sander de Heer. He talks about his love for audio, the value of a podcast for organisations and how he started podcasting himself three years ago. In fact, he is one of the creators of the podcast The Forties.  

And your host is...

Host of 'Masters in Podcasting' is our very own Femke de Walle. When she joined Springcast in March 2022, the desire from Springcast to release her own podcast came up fairly quickly. Because of Femke's years of experience as a journalist, reporter, newsreader, presenter and eventually DJ in radio, her destiny was soon sealed: to create podcast aimed at the business market. 

The power of seasons

At Springcast, we are big believers in creating seasons. Especially when it comes to a business podcast. By this we mean podcasts created by organisations. By making series, you can create a defined series of episodes linked together by a certain theme. In a new season, you can then choose a different theme, for example. 

A new episode every week

The first episode of Masters Of Podcasting can be heard from Tuesday 7 March. After that, we will publish a new episode every week. Ten episodes will come online first. After that, we will conclude this first season.

However, this does not mean the end of the show, as behind the scenes we are already working on season two. Moreover, there are also already ideas about another podcast series. So... there's more to come 😉 For now...

Happy listening 💚

Masters Of Podcasting

Curious about the trailer? Listen to it here 👇🏼
Femke de Walle

Femke de Walle

Storyteller in sound, word and image, coming from the world of radio. Years of experience as a radio producer/DJ, reporter, newsreader and journalist. Writes blogs and produces podcasts for Springcast.

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