Nico Oud: "The podcast is becoming a dominant medium for organisations"

"If you wrote out this conversation, you could almost fill a book with it. That's why a podcast is so great; the medium lends itself fantastically to longer forms of content." These are the words of Nico Oud, founder & CEO of Springcast. He is the fourth guest in an extra-long new episode of Masters Of Podcasting. An episode full of valuable 'learnings'. In this article, we list the most important tips for you!

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The podcast is here to stay. We dare to draw that conclusion in 2023. More than half of the Dutch listen to a podcast from time to time. And that number will continue to grow in the near future. 

Nico Oud, founder & CEO of Springcast, is also a firm believer in the medium of audio. "I think it's a very natural way to absorb information," he says in the fourth episode of Masters Of Podcasting

"I think the podcast is a brilliant medium"

Oud is an avid reader, but when dealing with heavy material, he is more likely to opt for an audiobook or a podcast. Because the information is simply more pleasant to consume.

Oud: "With a blog, you can hold a reader's attention for two minutes at most. With a podcast, it's different. People listen to a podcast for 45 to 60 minutes on average. As a content marketer, I think that's really brilliant!"

"I really felt: this is my opportunity"

Before Oud started Springcast, he worked as a business coach. In that capacity, he coached some 500 people in the creative industry. He also coached companies on content marketing. 

To rekindle his own creativity, Nico decided to start a podcast with his life partner Majella: Growth Minds. During this process, the idea for Springcast was born:

  • There was no Dutch podcast hosting yet
  • Existing hostings lacked content and marketing applications
  • Most hostings did not fully comply with privacy laws

Old: "Then I knew... this is it. This is what I have to do. I really felt: this is my opportunity. And that while I don't believe in it at all. You have to build a business. But in this case, all signals were green."

Want to know more about the origins of Springcast and how to build a business according to Oud? Then listen now to the fourth episode of Masters Of Podcasting.

Dominant medium

According to Oud, the success of the podcast lies in its approachability. Unlike video, most people are reasonably comfortable behind a microphone. People are more willing to do a podcast than appear in a video. A camera deters.

Besides, where do you find a medium where there is a listenership of 45 to 60 minutes? "The podcast lends itself excellently to long form content. You can express more emotion and nuance than in a blog." The success lies in the combination between the medium and the listener's willingness to consume content."


The podcast as a fixture in your marketing mix

The podcast will become a dominant medium for organisations, Oud expects. Whereas a website, social media, blogs and video content are now staples of the average marketing strategy, the podcast will become a similar fixture in organisations' marketing mix in the future. 

But how do you make sure your podcast is a success? When is your podcast a success? And should every organisation start podcasting? Therefore, three tips from mister Springcast himself 😎 

Tip 1: any organisation can podcast

"It's a question I get more often: should every organisation podcast? My answer? Yes! There is always a need for information. And at the right time, your info can be very relevant. Are you worried that the market will become saturated? Don't aim for a high number of listeners, but aim for the right listener."

Important: take inspiration from other podcasts, but don't imitate someone else. Authenticity is key when it comes to podcasting. 

Tip 2: Use your analytics to your advantage

"Figures say a lot. But in the beginning, they are not that important. Above all, look at interaction and engagement. Is your content exciting enough or does your listener drop out? In the next phase, numbers become more dominant and you can measure the impact of your podcast. To what extent did your podcast contribute to achieving your communication goals?"

Springcast has a comprehensive Analytics Suite where you can measure a lot of data. You can read here more on.

Tip 3: the time to start podcasting is now

"The podcast has taken off in the past few years. The medium is becoming more and more professional. But don't let that put you off. Just start. Hook up professionals who can guide you through this process. Because the podcast is becoming a fixture in the communication mix. So why wait?"

Need inspiration when developing your podcast? Springcast developed a white paper containing 20 business podcast ideas and formats. You can find the white paper here. You can also use the blog read containing all 20 ideas and formats in a row!

How to make money

Many content creators and organisations wonder: how am I going to make money with the podcast? Can I make money with a podcast at all? The answer to that is: yes. In fact, there are several ways. We list them for you: 

  • Your podcast IS your moneymaker. Because you create weekly content, you bind your (potential) customers to your brand and they are more willing to buy a product or service from you
  • Ask your listeners for a donation or sponsorship
  • Let companies advertise (either with a spot or with a deal where you tell something about a product or service of the person advertising with you)
  • Make your guests pay to be in your podcast

Advertising in podcasts is still in its infancy, but, Oud says, "that is going to change". Springcast is currently developing an advertising tool. For example, this tool makes importing fixed ads a lot easier.

How exactly it works and what's possible? We'll tell you more about that very soon 😉

Growth Minds Podcast

Curious about Nico & Majella's podcast?

About Masters Of Podcasting

Masters Of Podcasting is Springcast's brand new podcast. In this show, we engage with experts in the field of podcasting. These can be professionals who guide organisations through the podcasting process, as well as entrepreneurs and organisations who have started successful podcasts themselves in recent years. 

The first season of Masters Of Podcasting is a series of ten episodes. A new episode will be published every Tuesday. You can watch these here find. Want to know more about this podcast? Then keep an eye on our socials or subscribe to the show in your favourite podcast app. 

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