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Your podcast must reach your listeners. Good metadata can help you do this and is essential for the findability of your podcast.

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Metadata...it may sound a bit boring, but it does wonders for the findability of your podcast. So it's a good idea to delve into the basic metadata that makes it even easier for your podcast listeners to find your important content.

Just imagine...you're completely absorbed in a fat thriller that takes place in the Amsterdam underworld. And halfway through episode four it seems you've missed something, an essential punchline. And then it turns out that you've been listening to the episodes in reverse order. Whuat!

Yes, that is possible. The podcast appears to be shown in the wrong order; the last one first. And you just didn't realise it. So you see, metadata is pretty essential. So here are a few tips for the metadata of your podcast.

Metadata tip 1: Number your podcast

Especially when you have a podcast where the right order is essential for your listeners, it is important to check whether the numbering of your podcast is clear.

But also when you produce single episodes, it is nice if a listener can refer to a specific song and doesn't have to remember a whole episode title. Note: Podcasts often become known by word of mouth, so it's useful to be able to refer to an episode quite easily.

Think about what kind of numbering you want to use. It can be very handy to number per season and episode, it also looks quite chic ;D. For example 1.01, 1.02, followed by the title. And that's the next tip...

Metadata tip 2: Use a short title

When you want to bring your podcast episode to the attention of listeners, it is important that your title is catchy. It has to activate listeners to listen to your podcast and make them curious about your content.

Short and to the point is the most effective. When someone has enjoyed listening to your podcast and then talks about it with someone else, they will certainly refer to the title. A meaningful title or a two-word title that refers to a humorous part of your podcast is easy to remember and share.

In addition, a short title also looks clear. It ensures that a listener does not have to screen a jumble of words to select the right podcast from the list. Less is more is the standard for the podcast title.

Metadata tip 3: Pay attention to the show notes

With good show notes, you not only give your listeners handy links to relevant information about the episode, but show notes also increase your findability enormously. Therefore, in your shownotes, give a short summary of the episode including a number of keywords.

And are these also the keywords that your target audience is searching for? Then your podcast will automatically be found better in search engines. SEO-proof keywords are therefore very valuable to use in your showotes, just don't turn them into a bunch of incoherent tags.

In addition, refer in every show quote to your podcast website or podcast page and to your social media platforms. This is another way to build on your authority and your findability.

In addition, add an image where possible. Make sure the image provides context and is recognisable. It should contribute to the findability and thus be of value to the listener.

Apply these basics in your podcast

These basic metadata tips will already lead to better findability of your podcast and give listeners the chance to more easily talk to others about that one cool podcast they listened to recently.

Majella Loef

Majella Loef

Naturally curious and always interested in people and their personal stories. As community manager of Springcast I connect podcasters with professionals who can improve and enrich their podcasts. And I help podcasters spread their stories.

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