Music in your podcast; what is allowed and possible?

music in your podcast
An intro sounds a lot better if there's a nice tune under it... But then you have to deal with copyrights. It's important to handle this carefully. We tell you where to find music for your podcast and what is allowed.

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We regularly get questions about music in podcasts. Because adding music to your intro or outro is, of course, very nice. And then the first question is often, what is allowed at all?

And it's not easy to find an intro that suits you either, there's a bit of searching to be done. That's why we'd like to share with you what you can and cannot do with music in your podcast.

Music and copyright

It goes without saying that music is copyrighted. It has often been made by someone with a great deal of love, and they want to be paid for it. So if you want to use music, you have to ask written permission for the use of the music.

You can do this with various parties who exploit the music copyrights, whereby the creator receives remuneration for the use of his music. In the Netherlands BumaStemra the best known party for this. 

It is also possible for a musician to share his work under a Creative Common Licence.

Whatever you do with the music in your podcast, always check the copyright first. At the end of the day, you are responsible for your podcast and just sharing a piece of music can be a very expensive business...

Stock music for your podcast

Another way of sharing royalty-free music in your podcast is to use Stock music. Here you pay a monthly fee and get access to a large amount of music that you can use royalty-free. 

If you want to use a nice music in your podcast more often, we recommend you take a look at the parties below:

Here you will find unique jingles, introtunes and leaders for podcasts and royalty-free stock music. From mood & ambience music to pop, enough possibilities for a great tune ;D

If you just want to use domestic and foreign music for your podcast unhindered, Buma Stemra also has rates for its use in podcasts.

For royalty-free music by top artists, Adobe Stock is also the place to go. It's also easy to search for suitable music and jingles by genre and mood.

Making your own music

You don't necessarily have to use someone else's music. You can just make your own music. And then there's no copyright infringement either ;D. Well, that's handy!

For example, you have before you Apple the app GarageBand. It lets you record, create, mix and share your music. You can also edit your podcasts with this app, which we wrote about earlier in the article Tools you need to know.

Do you have the time and are you creative? Then it is worthwhile to produce your own music and maybe you will find your next hobby in it, besides podcasting ;D.

Your own music podcast

More and more music lovers are finding that it is fairly easy to create their own music host podcast and take the plunge. This podcast is all about music and that requires a licence. You can get this licence at Sena applications.

Sena charges around 200 euros for the licence of a music podcast with a maximum of 30,000 downloads per month. In this item of Spreekbuis, Markus Bos of Sena explains exactly who they are and what they do.

Please note: not all podcast platforms accept podcasts with licensed music. Even if you have bought the rights by means of a licence, it is important to always check the conditions of the various platforms before you publish your podcast with music.

The tone makes the music

A nice jingle, intro or relaxing background music always enriches your podcast. People love music. But in the end they also just love listening to you. As long as you reach and touch people with your story, you'll be fine!

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