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Defence for Children
Our children, the children of the world, they have the future. The podcast of Defence for Children is about children's rights and how they are still being violated in many areas... In the podcast they talk about this and especially about what we can do!

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A better, fair world for all children, that is what we believe in at Springcast too. Defence for Children is a Dutch organisation that stands up for children and their rights. Abroad, but also in the Netherlands. And they started a podcast.

Because also here in our own country we see how children suffer from living in poverty, how not every child has and receives equal opportunities and how children's rights are not always sufficiently protected by us.

So in this article we tell you about the Defence for Children podcast.

Podcasting about children's rights

In the podcast 'Right to Speak', Carrie van der Kroon talks to several people who encounter situations where children's rights are not respected in their professional field. Themes covered include poverty, family, youth assistance, juvenile justice, girls' rights, migration, education and sexual exploitation.

In the very first episode of the podcast, Martin talks about our immigration policy in the Netherlands and how children are harmed by the long period of uncertainty they live in. 

Martin's story immediately gives you a good idea of how our legislation and government can still make many steps forward to better protect children and include them in decision-making.

Akhrat lived in uncertainty for 9 years

For example, thousands of children spend years in AZCs. Years of uncertainty and fear of deportation. Living with seven people in one room, with no 'own place'. 

Young children. Growing up to be teenagers, young adults. That affects us enormously.

In the podcast Akhrat, a nineteen-year-old law student at the University of Applied Sciences in Leiden, tells how she has lived in uncertainty in the Netherlands since the age of six, for nine years. She tells about her fear, guilt and experiences. This creates a picture of how, as a child, she was a kind of plaything of legislation and government policy.

Children's rights are there to protect those who cannot. 

And the podcast 'Right to Speak' by Defence for Children also tries to get attention for the interests of children through this medium. 

Share the podcast, share your concerns

We are sharing this podcast to draw attention to the importance of paying attention to children's rights. For future children, Akhrat hopes for a positive change, so she shared her experience. 

Share Akhrat's podcast, or one of Defence for Children's other podcasts, and join us in supporting the mission of Defence for Children.

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