Organise unique events with a hidden podcast

unique podcast event with a hidden podcast
Since the well-known virus entered our country, events have all but ground to a halt. Nowadays, anyone who wants to organise an event has to be creative with what is still possible and allowed. And fortunately, there are still many creative people who come up with fantastic ideas and organise the best (podcast) events.

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In recent years, we have become increasingly creative when it comes to organising events. Where previously we could organise anything we wanted, now we have to come up with smart and safe initiatives for events. 

That can be difficult, because what can you still organise for (large) groups? And to make it even more difficult, what events do you organise to arouse the interest of your business relations or staff? 

You probably already guessed it... but with a podcast you can organise the most fun and original events. A really cool example is that of KienhuisHovingwho organised a podcast event on the Sallandse Heuvelrug. 

In this article we tell you from Springcast you can learn more about the event for inspiration and how you can make use of podcasts during an event. 

The hidden podcast

We all know the public podcasts that can be found in search engines like Spotify, Apple or Google. But did you know that it is also possible to make a hidden podcast? Well, here it is ;D

A hidden podcast is not visible in the search engines and cannot be found publicly. These podcasts can only be found by people who have received a link from the podcast website have received. Or if you know exactly where to look. 

Ideal for authors who refer to a podcast in their book or for extra bonus material that you share via the socials, but also useful for podcast events. You can send guests a link with all the podcasts that can be listened to during an event. 

KienhuisHoving also used this during their event. But we will come to that later ;D

The private podcast

The private podcast goes one step further: it is really only available to those who are on a so-called whitelist with an e-mail address. You can also remove these people at any time and deny them access. 

You can also easily add large groups of people using a csv file. Very handy for podcast events, internal newsletters or paid podcasts. We also see that this form of content is often used for communication with members of associations.

Events with podcasts

With a hidden or private podcast you can give people access to your podcast by invitation. All you have to do is decide whether you want to keep the invitation - the link - public or also shielded. 

Useful for organising events for business contacts or staff. And to give you an idea how to do this, a few examples:

And some other nice ideas that do not necessarily have to be an event:

Podcast event by KienhuisHoving

Now for the cool podcast event by KienhuisHoving for inspiration 💚

In September 2021, KienhuisHoving organised the podcast event 'Speaking of Law', which is also the name of their podcast show. A year ago they started podcasting on everything to do with legal affairs

Sometimes they discuss a case in the podcast on the basis of a judgement, and other times on the basis of an interesting legal development. They cover different areas of the law and the podcast is therefore interesting for various target groups, such as entrepreneurs, HR professionals and company lawyers.

podcast event: live on-site podcast recording

Podcast event 'Speaking of Law

During the 'Speaking of Law' event KienhuisHoving introduced business relations to the world of podcasting and the power of podcasting. They received the guests at the Sallandse Heuvelrug. A change from all the familiar training rooms and meet-up locations.

All invitees received an e-mail in advance with the link to the hidden podcasts for the event. So on the way to the Salland countryside they could already listen to a podcast that told them all about this beautiful area. 

During the walks themselves, guests could choose from a wide range of podcasts to listen to. About sick employees, competition clauses, reorganisation or instant dismissal. Just a few topics they could choose from. And not unimportant either: they could enjoy a delicious lunch in between. 

And last but definitely not least... another great element of the event: the guests were able to watch the podcast series being produced live on location. If they aren't fans of listening to or making podcasts by now, we don't know what will be 😉 .

Start podcasting

Are you thinking about start podcasting and are you curious about all the possibilities?

Or would you like to use a podcast at an event?

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Elke Folkersma

Elke Folkersma

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