Four reasons to host your podcast in the Netherlands

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It's good to know that your data is safely stored and monitored in your own country. But that's not the only good reason to host your podcast in the Netherlands. We give you four ;D!

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When you produce content for yourself or others, you don't always think about who the data is interesting for. You think you are sharing your service or product with your target group through a powerful story, but that data then turns out to be can also be used for other purposes ... 

And not by you, but by others. In the recently released docu The Social Dilemma a look behind the scenes of various Big Tech like Facebook. And the lesson shared there: 

"If you don't have to pay for it, you are the product" ;D.

How then? Well, collecting big data to create profiles of individuals is a lucrative business. 

Data privacy legislation

It is therefore logical that the AVG (General Data Protection Regulation) was introduced in the European Union in 2018. With this, there is now at least a law to protect against illegal activities that violate privacy.

A data centre in its own country naturally also follows the laws and regulations that apply in that country. And the choice for hosting in one's own country appears to be a future-proof choice. 

Because the rollout and application of this legislation will only intensify in the coming years. And then it's great if you don't have to switch podcast hosts.

With podcast hosting in the Netherlands, you are choosing for a bit of stability and security. And that is an important reason for many companies and government bodies to choose Dutch podcast hosting.

Belonging to a Dutch community

The podcast is taking off in the Netherlands; more and more companies are using podcasts for their brand or internal organisation. 

A podcast for business purposes is part of your marketing & communication mix. And it's great if your podcast can help.

A Dutch community offers the chance to be part of something bigger with your podcast. This way Dutch podcast experts help you increase your quality, your reach and the technical side of podcasting.

That is an advantage of working with a Dutch hosting company like Springcast.

Do you also speak Dutch...?

And nothing is better than communicating in your own language. Especially if you have a support question. Because it makes explaining that one problem a lot easier.

Much support is now often only offered via e-mail or chat. Also with the large American hosting parties. And they cannot be reached by phone to tell a more complicated story or ask a more extensive question.

Support in your own language and telephone accessibility certainly contribute to efficiency and convenience. 

How about the following reason...


Support in your own timezone

Different time zones are no longer an insurmountable problem. We can chat, e-mail, make virtual phone calls and some companies can be reached 24/7. But the latter certainly does not apply to all software and tech companies.

We know from our own experience how much stress and hassle it is when you have to wait until they are finally awake in America to give you the help you need.

And then podcast help in your own timezone is not only very efficient, but also stress relieving ;D

Why hosting in the Netherlands? That's why!

So, here is a list of the advantages of podcast hosting in the Netherlands:

Your data in the Netherlands

Podcast data that is simply kept safe in Dutch data centres.

Being part of a Dutch community

Being part of a Dutch community that puts podcasting at the centre.

Dutch support

Just ask for an explanation in your own language, via chat, mail or phone.

And... support in your own timezone

Don't wait until the end of the day to get help for your problem.

A no-brainer...

Whatever you choose, we are convinced that podcasting is here to stay. For us, it is a no brainer that podcasting is of can be of great value to your company or brand and a Dutch podcast host is a good partner ;D.

And after reading this article, are you enthusiastic about hosting at a Dutch podcast hosting company? Then we will be happy to Dutch podcast hosting gift

Majella Loef

Majella Loef

Naturally curious and always interested in people and their personal stories. As community manager of Springcast I connect podcasters with professionals who can improve and enrich their podcasts. And I help podcasters spread their stories.

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