The podcast: a magnet for listeners and entrepreneurs

It is smart to add podcast advertising to your marketing strategy. The popularity of the podcast continues to grow. This year alone, the number of podcast listeners has grown with 45% (source: Acast & Nielsen). Which of course makes our favourite medium even more interesting. Not only for the creator, but also for the entrepreneur who is looking for a place to put his or her business in the spotlight.

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The podcast is known to attract mainly millennials. But nothing could be further from the truth! More than half of this group only started listening to a podcast this year. And it's not just the youngsters who are finding the podcast. The biggest growth in the number of listeners is found amongst people over 55. This just goes to show: the podcast is for everyone 😉 😉 The podcast is for everyone. 

The podcast: a magnet for listeners and entrepreneurs

Very interesting, but...

As an entrepreneur, you want to know: How often does someone actually listen to a podcast? In other words: is there a chance of a consistent audience? And how likely is it that this audience will actually commit to your product or service?

Well, great, so let the figures see. More than a third of them turn on a podcast every day. The rest of us listen at least a couple of times a week. And here's the best part: this last group is planning to listen even more often.

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The same survey also revealed that a third of the respondents surveyed plan to listen to a podcast more often. More so than listening to music (25%) or streaming video content (27%). 

Moreover, podcast listeners are very loyal. Almost half of them listen to at least half of an average 30-45 minute episode. For people who download an episode instead of streaming it, the duration is even higher: 71% takes in just about an entire episode. 

The podcast: a magnet for the listener and advertiser

Podcast marketing is the way to go

Especially these last figures make the podcast enormously interesting to advertise in. Especially when you know that at least half of the podcasts are listened to. That's why most ads are placed at the beginning or in the middle of an episode.

Sometimes it is an advertisement like you hear on the radio. However, the most popular, and also the most (measured) effective, is an brand message which is read or told by the host itself (source: Nielsen Podcast Today). 

That's all well and good, but...

We hear you thinking: how effective is advertising in a podcast then? Well, very! Research shows that 62% of podcast listeners take direct action on an advert. And by direct we mean direct: during or just after listening, the listener searches for the brand or product mentioned. 

what podcast listeners do with ads

In addition, the information shared in a podcast is seen as reliable. And these next figures perhaps appeal most to the imagination; whereas 52% find the number of advertisements on platforms such as YouTube too high, the 'irritation level' for podcasts is significantly lower (29%). 

Previous research by Nielsen shows that podcast listeners are increasingly receptive to advertising while listening. As life returns to normal, people feel the urge to make big purchases, such as a new car, technology in the home, or planning trips abroad.

This is what we at Springcast call an opportunity 😉 😉 This is what we at Springcast call an opportunity.

Indeed, it is the combination of sentiment and the consumer's willingness to spend money that makes podcast marketing an attractive option for brands looking to increase their visibility. 

How reliable is a podcast advertisement?

Where to start?

Now that you know that advertising in a podcast can be interesting, it's time to find a partnership that fits your business. But how do you make that consideration? Make sure you choose a podcast that you feel comfortable with.

Of course, there are also a number of podcast genres and types that do well. If you manage to advertise in those podcasts, then there is a good chance that you will actually make some money. 

Most popular podcast formats

It is clear that the podcast will continue to grow in the coming years. Because the podcast is an 'on demand' medium, more and more people are integrating it into their lives. While driving, cooking, exercising, or even just before bed. 

For entrepreneurs, there is a great opportunity to become part of this routine with podcast advertising. So the question is... What are your plans when it comes to podcast marketing? Will you go along with this opportunity?

Femke de Walle

Femke de Walle

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