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Podcasting is developing rapidly and is in the news a lot. We share a number of interesting news items that we came across in October 2020.

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Over the past few weeks we have come across hot news about podcasting in various media. Of course, we are happy to share this with our podcasters and fan base. Curious about the latest news? We have put a few in a row.

Quarantine brings more podcast listeners

At the beginning of October Emerce the message that two out of three podcast listeners have started listening to more podcasts during the quarantine. They called it striking that over 30% of respondents see radio as old-fashioned and therefore seem to choose podcasts. The growth of podcasts compared to 2019 also seems to confirm this.

Advertising in your podcast is (un)acceptable

Advertising, according to the article of the Online Radio AwardsThis means that the podcast listener stays (longer). The podcast listener therefore lingers (longer). Separate commercial breaks do cause annoyance, but some 60% of listeners find 'branded content' that is mixed during the podcast acceptable. And of those listeners who don't want to hear commercials (about 1 in 5), 40% is willing to pay for an ad-free podcast.

Google Assistant continues to expand into podcasts

You could already use the Google Assistant to play music from various apps on your smartphone or speaker. It is now also possible to play podcasts. At the end of October, RTL Nieuws dedicated a special a short news item on. Spotify and Google Podcast listeners can now request their favourite podcasts via Google Assistant.

The German government podcast

An article in the Financieel Dagblad about Germany's health care system told how Chancellor Angela Merckel used a podcast to call on citizens to limit contacts significantly. We did not yet know that Angela Merckel podcast and went to investigate.

 Angela Merckel's podcast is clearly intended as a medium for reaching citizens on current affairs. It will therefore not be long before our Dutch government uses the power of podcasts to reach their citizens... ;D.

Major players fight for share in podcasting

The Financial Times reported in early October how a somewhat nerdy niche like podcasting is so hot right now that everyone wants "a piece of the pie"!

Spotify's shares shot up following news of the acquisitions of several strategic companies and their deals with Joe Rogan, Kim Kardashian and Michelle Obama. Apple did not stay behind either with the purchase of ScoutFM. You could say that there is a real "war" going on to make the most of it when the popularity of podcasting continues to rise.

These were some of the interesting news items we saw in October. Have you come across any interesting podcast news? If so, please share it with us at Springcast FM, the Dutch podcast host.

Majella Loef

Majella Loef

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