Record Podcasts with your iPhone or Android

record podcast with iphone or android
Record a podcast with your iPhone or Android? In this article we tell you how you can do this easily and which recording apps you can use.

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Recording a podcast doesn't have to be difficult. You can record your podcast with your iPhone or Android. And you don't have to compromise on your recording quality. In fact, there are many podcasters who have thousands of listeners and still record their podcasts. enterprise podcastsanswer their phone. 

The latest iPhone and Android devices all have an excellent recording function with which you can easily record your podcast. If the quality of the recording is disappointing, you can choose to buy a microphone that you can connect to your phone. Then all you need is a good recording app to record your podcast with.

In this article we will tell you more about how to record a podcast with your iPhone or Android. We also share with you the best podcast recording apps for your phone.

Preparing for a podcast recording

Before you start recording your podcast, it is important to get rid of any annoying background noises. Think of a ticking clock, a running washing machine, or maybe you have a window open that allows you to hear the sounds from outside. 

For the recording itself you use your iPhone or Android, but don't forget to put your phone on aeroplane mode. This prevents it from going off unexpectedly or making other noises. All recording apps remain available in this mode. 

It is also important to record your podcast in the right location. If you record outside, for example, there's a good chance that you won't be able to hear your recording well. Also think about spaces that are too small or too quiet, this will make your recording very cold and a bit boring. You can edit this later, but it will take a lot of time. Do not choose too large a space either, as you will soon get an echo in your recording. 

Record Podcasts with an iPhone

Want to record your podcast episode with an iPhone? It's really easy to do! There are several apps available for your iPhone to record your podcasts with.

All you need is a good podcast strategyIt's all about shooting, finding a catchy subject for your episode and good preparation. Then it's a matter of recording and editing. Fortunately, there are many apps available for this on your iPhone.

Top 3 apps for recording podcasts on the iPhone

How exactly you record your podcast with your iPhone depends on which app you use. In this article we share with you our top 3 podcast recording apps that you can use on your iPhone.

You can also always use the standard recording app Dictaphone. It speaks for itself; just press the record button and start. 

1. Riverside

Riverside is available for download for both your iPhone and Android. We and many other podcasters think that Riverside is one of the best apps to record your podcasts with. You have to pay to use the app, but believe us, it's worth the (small) investment. The app is also very easy to use and within a few steps you have recorded your podcast and it is ready to be published.

2. Ferrite Recording Studio

Ferrite is a widely used app by podcasters because of its versatility. You can use it to record and edit your audio without any problems. The app offers many time-saving features and is very easy to use. Ferrite is free for 24 hours of recording and editing time, then you can upgrade to Pro. 

3. Backpack Studio

With Backpack Studio you can easily make professional podcast recordings on your iPhone or iPad. While you record your podcast show, your recording is automatically mixed and edited. For example, you can record your voice and activate live sounds as an intro or background music. Backpack Studio is the successor to Bossjock Studio and is free to use. You can subscribe to additional cloud services.

Record Podcast with an Android

Recording a podcast with an Android phone or tablet is very convenient when you are on the road, for example. But also if you don't have a professional podcast equipment have purchased or wish to purchase. 

Recording good audio takes some practice, even with an Android device. To help you get started, we from Springcast The best apps for recording podcasts with an Android with you. 

Top 3 apps podcast recording Android

Recording a podcast on an Android device requires little technical knowledge. There are many apps available with which you can easily record your audio. We would like to share with you our top 3 apps for recording a podcast on an Android device. 

A standard Android app is the voice recorder on the device. The way it works is self-explanatory; you press the big button to start recording and you can pause it if you want. 

In addition to the standard app, there are a number of very good apps specifically for recording and possibly editing audio. 

1. Riverside

Riverside is available for iPhone and Android devices. It was already number one in our top 3 apps for the iPhone and we also think it is the best tool among the Android apps. Recording a podcast is very easy with Riverside. Wherever you are, within a few steps you have recorded a good audio. The app comes with a fee, but this is well worth the small investment.

With the voice recorder, you can easily record all kinds of important moments without any time limits. The recordings are of high quality and do not take up much space. To make use of all functions, it is possible to purchase the Pro version.

3. Smart Recorder

The Smart Recorder is a high-quality voice recorder and very suitable for recording your podcast. The app is free to use and especially designed for long term recording with a clean and simple user interface. You can record your podcast in the background, skip silences to shorten recordings and share your podcast recording easily. 

Editing podcasts

After recording your podcast, you will probably want to do some editing of your recording. With some of the recording apps we've discussed in this article, it's also possible to edit your audio. However, often to a limited extent. 

To edit your podcast recording properly, you have two possible options.

  • You install another app specifically for editing audio on your phone;
  • Or you can import your audio to your computer or laptop using a professional editing tool.

In another article we wrote about the most useful and user-friendly software for the edit your podcast. Here you will surely find a tool that you can use to edit your image.

Recording equipment

If you have been a podcaster for a while or are simply looking for professional podcasting equipment, we would like to refer you to another article where we present our must-have podcast equipment share with you. 

Of course you can continue to record a podcast with your phone, as long as the quality of your audio remains good. To improve this easily, without making a big investment, you can also get a professional microphone connect to your phone. 

This will quickly improve the sound quality. But as long as the recordings on your iPhone or Android are good, you don't necessarily need to invest in professional equipment. If recording your podcast with a phone works for you, we advise you to keep doing it ;D 

Happy Podcasting! ✌️💚

Elke Folkersma

Elke Folkersma

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