Podcast vs Blog

What is better to put your business in the spotlight? The podcast? Or the blog? Both forms are a great way to get your story out there. But which one works better? Is there a winner in this case? In this article we will find out for you.

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Storytelling is as old as mankind itself. People have loved to tell stories since the beginning of time. Traditionally it has been through hieroglyphics, murals, storytelling and music; today we can choose from books, radio, television, film, on demand apps, blogs and of course: podcasts.

The greatest art in the world is the art of storytelling

- Cecil B. DeMille

Cecil B. DeMille was one of the founders of Hollywood cinema as we know it today. His first film, The Squaw Man (1914), was the first full-length feature to be shot in Hollywood. According to him, storytelling was the most beautiful form of art. 

And let's be honest: it is. Because human beings are storytellers. The success of both the blog and the podcast is therefore also due to our desire for storytelling. Stories, in whatever form, deserve to be heard. But which is better for your business? The podcast? Or the blog? Or both? Let's take a closer look at both forms first.

The blog as a marketing tool

A blog is often used to inform your reader about a topic you want to cover. The more blogs you post, the greater the chance that your status as an expert will grow. Blogs are also extremely suitable for increasing your visibility online. By using popular keywords (SEO: Search Engine Optimization), your website will be found faster by search engines like Google.

The definition of a blog

A blog is an informative or personal article on a website that is updated regularly. The tone of voice is informal and often personal. Readers can often comment on the article.

Written content is usually consumed at a few fixed moments, such as at the office when you need to sort something out or at home on the couch when you are cleaning up the newsletters you have received. 

Of course, there are more of these moments, but generally people read blogs or newsletters when there is a moment to do so. 

And that time is becoming increasingly scarce. After all, meetings fill the day, tasks fill the gaps in the agenda and news and entertainment content claim the moments when someone wants to take a break.

Benefits blog

Disadvantages blog

The podcast as a marketing tool

Just like a blog, you can use a podcast to inform your listeners. Because podcasts are so easy to listen to, they give you the chance to tell your story in detail. And listeners are more likely to feel a strong connection with you, because they can literally hear your story in their ears. 

The definition of a podcast

A podcast is an audio broadcast where the audio file is made available on demand by means of web feeds. A podcast is in fact a radio programme, but made available via the Internet and - not live. So you listen to it when it suits you, or 'on demand'.

The popularity of the podcast has grown considerably in the past year. And not without reason. Because you can combine the podcast with other activities. Where a blog demands your full attention, you consume the content of a podcast while travelling by car, train or bike. But also while walking, exercising, and even doing household chores.

This opens up a whole new era in which your target audience can consume your brand's content. And it works. Just look at the figures below. Half of the Dutch people (over 18 years old) sometimes put on a podcast. 

For organisations and entrepreneurs, there is still a world to be won. Only one third of the content marketers uses the podcast as a means of communication. And that while research shows that the podcast is pre-eminently a medium to bind people to you.

More than half of the listeners take action after listening to a podcast. For example, they look up information, check out a website or even buy a product. In our article The podcast: a magnet for listeners and entrepreneurs read more about this. 

Podcast benefits

Disadvantages podcast

How do you combine a podcast and a blog?

To determine which of these two forms is better suited to your organisation, you first need to look at yourself. If you are a one-person business using storytelling to promote your business, you need to ask yourself where your strengths lie. 

Are you not much of a talker, but do you have a good pen? Then a blog is the right thing for you. Do you prefer to tell your story in your own words? Do you like to talk? Or do you like interviewing people? Then the podcast is the logical choice. 

It is different when it comes to a (large) organisation. There, you generally hire people who are good at storytelling. In that case, it is desirable to use both forms for your marketing. 

Blog before podcast

It is obvious to start with blogging. This requires less of your organisation and is easier to achieve. When you have a good blog structure in place, you can start focusing on the podcast. 

When you work for an organisation, it is important to make a podcast that suits your organisation. Don't do this lightly, but organise a brainstorming session to come up with a podcast format. There are several tools you can use to come up with a good and creative podcast idea. In the article Ten tips for creative podcast ideas read more about this.

Podcast vs Blog

Podcast before blog

Of course, you can also start by making a podcast. Recording a podcast is relatively easy, depending on the format and the story you want to tell. The more professional you make your podcast, the more time and money you'll spend. If you want to know which format is best for you or your organisation, then check out our article on formats and ideas. 

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Does your blog need a podcast?

We've talked about the podcast vs. the blog. However, you can also embrace both forms. The question is, of course: should you turn every blog into a podcast? And vice versa?

First, let's look at the blog to the podcast. Is it necessary to record a podcast of every blog? The answer is no. Can you make a podcast of every blog? Absolutely! But the question is whether you want to. Some topics are more suitable for podcasts than others. It is important to first decide what you want to podcast about. Then you can look at which blogs you can use as a source for your podcast. 

I would strongly advise against reading out your blogs and using that as a podcast. While that is relatively easy to do, you are missing a huge opportunity. Because the listenership is high, the podcast gives you a chance to really make something good out of it. Talk to an expert for your podcast. Organise a round table and invite multiple guests to talk about the topic at hand. If necessary, ask for professional help in developing your show. 

Does your podcast need a blog?

Now let's look at it the other way round. Do you have to write a blog for every podcast? Well... you don't have to. If you make sure you write a good summary of your show and describe what each episode is about, the listener will know how to find you if your podcast fits their area of interest. What's more, every podcast show at Springcast has its own podcast websitewhere the above can be found in detail. 

If you are an entrepreneur or organisation that wants to increase your online visibility, we recommend that you write a blog for each show. This does not have to be an extensive blog, but a summary of the episode with the highlights. 

Podcast vs Blog

How do you write a blog about your podcast?

There are several ways to frame your podcast with text. The first is via transcription. Soon, Springcast will allow you to automatically transcribe the content of your podcast with a tool. This tool gives you a text version of your podcast. However, this will not work for every type of podcast.

You can also write a blog based on your podcast. You can share the most important highlights from your podcast by typing out statements verbatim and 'quoting' them. You can add context and relevant links to your text. Don't forget to link to your podcast at the end of your blog. 

The blog or the podcast?

We can hear you thinking: what's better for my business? The podcast? Or the blog? Of course it's obvious to choose the former. We're not hosting a podcast for nothing, are we?

But to be honest... if you look at the figures, we cannot ignore the podcast. People listen to podcasts for an average of 45 to 90 minutes. Per day! The average listener spends 7.5 hours a week listening to a podcast. Imagine that your show is among them. So you have the opportunity to talk to your potential customer for over an hour. To make a connection with this person. 

This is not to say that you should use your podcast as a slick commercial for your organisation. I'm going to help you out of your dream: that doesn't work. The listener will see right through that. But if you're looking for great, real stories or conversations about topics that affect your organisation, you've got potential for a lot of interesting content. gold in hand

So... what conclusion can we draw?

Is there a winner when it comes to the podcast versus the blog? You can draw that conclusion yourself based on this blog 😉 The fact is that both forms work. However, with a podcast, you can achieve something that you probably won't achieve as much with a blog: a personal connection with your listener. And while you can go a long way with a blog, you'll never achieve the effect you do with the sound of your voice. 

Podcast vs Blog

Sound triggers. Hearing is a sensitive "instrument". Check with yourself: some sounds (music, the sound of a voice, sounds from nature) you experience as very pleasant, while other sounds trigger you to listen. instantly frustration.

Sound, in whatever form, evokes a feeling. And if you want to bind people to you, you have to evoke a feeling. Because with that feeling, they will think of you the moment they want to do business with you.

Ask yourself which form the feeling will be stronger ... with the blog they read on a computer or phone screen? Or with that beautiful conversation or fascinating story that came in through their sensitive ears for an hour?

Femke de Walle

Femke de Walle

Storyteller in sound, word and image, coming from the world of radio. Years of experience as a radio producer/DJ, reporter, newsreader and journalist. Writes blogs and produces podcasts for Springcast.

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