Shutting down your podcast website; why and how?

Every podcast show comes with a great website that you can design in your own style. Would you rather not have a podcast website, for example because you want to avoid duplicate content?

Then you can turn off the podcast website.

Place a redirect for the podcast show

You can turn off the podcast website at Springcast under the menu item advancedIf you choose not to create your podcast website at Springcast, enter the URL of your website under the advanced menu item at the bottom of the dashboard. 

turn off podcast website 1

Place a redirect for each episode

In addition, for each individual episode that you publish, you also enter the correct URL under the advanced menu item where the episode can be found (i.e. the relevant blog page where you posted the podcast).


turn off podcast website

Please note that an RSS feed always needs a valid link to a podcast website in order to work properly in Spotify, Apple and Google! If you do not do this, you risk the feed not being processed properly by Spotify, Apple or Google with all the consequences that this entails. 

So it is good to work out the references you make in your Springcast dashboard well in advance and always carry out the process carefully.

Another thing you can do to avoid duplicate content is to make a 301 entry to the episode URL of the podcast website for every show and episode you publish on a website. You then don't risk causing problems with your RSS feed.

Happy Podcasting!