Podcasts from 2021 to start 2022 well!

best podcasts of 2021
Last year was again a feast for the ears. There were so many great podcasts released in 2021 that we would like to share with you. Podcasts that all chose Springcast, how nice is that!

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In the past year we have welcomed many new podcasts, which we think is very cool! Not only because we have a hosting platform for podcasts but also because we love to listen to podcasts. And so we see a lot of good podcasts coming through. 

So we've put together a first (yes, there will be more) selection of 2021 podcasts to get you off to a good start in the new year. And keep our blog or follow us on social media to discover more great podcasts ;D

True-crimes told

podcast 2021 true-crimes told

True-crimes told


A weekly podcast about true crime. Think about the murder case of Marianne Vaatstra, the gruesome pub murders in Rotterdam or the story of Willem Holleeder. What drove the perpetrator, how was the investigation conducted and what is the story behind the newspaper reports? Everything is discussed in the podcasts.

The Service

podcast 2021 the service

The service


A podcast of AIVD Netherlands, in which Liesbeth Rasker crawls into the house of a new AIVD employee. She goes through the basic training that every intelligence officer takes, investigates a terrorist threat and meets new colleagues. Step by step, she advances in the investigation. And good news: in February 2022 there will be a new part of the podcast!

Mamablogcast with Marisca

best podcasts 2021 mamablogcast


Child and family

Recognisable stories for all mothers, whether you have a toddler or an adolescent. From schoolyard struggles to days out and from children's clothes to money mindset. Marisca takes you along in her podcast about what they experience as a family. 

Left On Read

podcast 2021 left on read

Left On Read


Every Saturday a new podcast that can be about anything thanks to the input of listeners. They discuss the daily business: school, money, sex, friends, racism, insecurities and much more. A popular podcast among young people. 


podcast 2021 horseheroes



Especially for equestrian entrepreneurs, or horse people! Floor Schoenmakers talks to horse entrepreneurs and takes you into the world of horses. Every week a new guest can be heard in the podcast with an inspiring story. And every week there are fun giveaways! 

More podcasts?

As already mentioned, 2021 was a feast for the ears with all those good podcasts. These five podcasts are just a small selection of many more great podcasts! 

And to make 2022 a party again, each month we will share a top 5 of the best podcasts that have been published at Springcast be hosted! 

Happy New Podcast Year! ✌💚

Elke Folkersma

Elke Folkersma

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