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podcast for exercising

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When it comes to sports, we all need a little extra motivation from time to time. Some use a personal trainer and others give themselves a pep talk to get that extra push. But there are also a lot of podcasts nowadays that motivate you to exercise. Or for during exercise. And believe us, these inspiring stories work! 

We have put together a top 10 of the best Dutch- and English-language podcasts for you to listen to during your workout.

Top 10 podcasts for exercising

A large proportion of podcast listeners listen to podcasts while on the move or at home for relaxation (Podcast research). But also an increasing number of people listen to a podcast while exercising. And we think they're absolutely right, because working out doesn't have to be boring!

A great podcast will give you that extra push you need to get the most out of your workout. And when you listen to the podcasts below, you'll also be up to date with all the tips and tricks in the sports world. We've put together the best pre-sports podcasts about sports for you ;D

Better Faster Stronger (NL)

A sequel to the successful Common Sense podcastThe Better Faster Stronger podcast. A podcast where Men's Health editor Martyn de Jong and Qmusic DJ Jordi Warners talk to experts and experts by experience. They tell you more about what you need to do to become the best, fastest and strongest version of yourself. The podcasts include top ice skater Jutta Leerdam, sports fan Arie Boomsma and presenter Tim Hofman.


Training, nutrition, balance and self-improvement.

You can learn to perform (NL)

A fun and educational podcast about nutrition, sports, lifestyle, hormone balance and mindset. Hosted by Maartje van Gestel, sports nutritionist, sports physiotherapist, hormone coach and author of the book Plant-based Performance. In her podcast she helps you with a healthy lifestyle and to achieve your sporting goals. 


Nutrition, sports, lifestyle, hormone balance and mindset.

20 Minute Fitness

This podcast gives you the latest news and information about nutrition, weight loss, sports and health in 20 minutes. Highly recommended for during exercise or as good motivation. In the podcasts scientists talk about the technology of today's fitness world, top athletes share their experiences and you can learn everything about nutrition.


Sports, health, nutrition and losing weight.

LoopPraat (NL)

Walking and running are certainly not boring with this podcast! LoopPraat is the podcast for runners, told by runners. Hosts Anton-Jan Thijssen and Tim Baks invite a guest every fortnight to discuss the latest running news. They also share all kinds of running tips. Not only fun, but informative as well!


For runners, by runners.

Drive with Mark Tuitert (NL)

Drive is the podcast of Mark Tuitert, former top skater and successful entrepreneur. In his podcast he talks to driven athletes, entrepreneurs, artists and scientists. World champion BMX Niek Kimmann and top referee Björn Kuipers are among those interviewed in the podcast. Mark also shares the most practical training tips and how to create the right mindset. A podcast from a top athlete, for the fanatic athlete!


Interviews with athletes and entrepreneurs.


The podcast of perhaps the biggest sports brand in the world: Nike. The podcast is all about the five tools of elite athletes: mindset, movement, nutrition, recovery and sleep. Host Jaclyn Byrer sits down with athletes, psychologists, researchers, doctors, trainers and other experts. To reveal for you the most powerful, practical and surprising lessons in fitness. A great podcast to get the most out of your workout. 


Mindset, exercise, nutrition, recovery and rest.

All About Fitness

From popular fitness programmes to recently developed fitness equipment, with this podcast you will discover all the new fitness trends and facts. You'll learn how to burn calories, build muscle and create the best body for you. Host Pete McCall is a well-known Personal Trainer himself, a blogger for many leading fitness organisations and the author of exercise science textbooks. A great podcast to learn all about sport and your body.


Fitness trends and tips, health

End bosses (NL)

A podcast for getting the most out of your life and making a positive contribution to the world. In short: the road to success, happiness and meaning. In the podcast great thinkers and doers are asked to tell their story, sharing their knowledge, experience and life wisdom to inspire you. By listening to this podcast you will not only get the most out of your sports performance, but also of your whole life! 


Exceptional performance

That Peter Crouch Podcast

For the footballers among us: this podcast tells you everything about how to be a professional footballer. You get to hear all the ins and outs of the football world. From the conversations in the dressing rooms to all the football myths and facts. The podcast hosts are Peter Crouch, Chris Stark and Tom Fordyce. Among other things, they won the British Podcast Awards in 2019 with their podcast. 


Interviews with athletes, entrepreneurs, artists and scientists.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin (EN)

Gretchen Rubin has only one goal with her podcast: to make you happy. She shares practical tips and gives you advice on happiness and good habits. Gretchen is the author of the New York Times bestsellers: Better Than Before, Happier at Home and The Happiness Project. If anyone can teach you about happiness and habits, Gretchen can ;D


Happiness, habits and mindset.

More podcasts

Podcasts are trending and the choice is huge! Whether you're looking for more interesting podcasts for exercise or any other time:

Keep our blog for more great podcasts or check out the winners of the Dutch Podcast Awards 2021. 💚

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