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new podcasts spring 2021
More and more entrepreneurs, brands, companies and governments are starting podcasting. And so this spring, many Dutch podcasts were added. We like to share the newest Dutch podcasts.

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Podcasting offers new opportunities to build a fire or further strengthen it and reach a target group that you could not connect with so easily before. We see that many entrepreneurs and companies are podcasting. And so a lot of new Dutch podcasts were added.

In this article, we list a number of podcasts that appeared in the spring of 2021.

PSV Business podcast

In this podcast, commercial director Frans Janssen, together with host Lennart, talks to various well-known players from the top of the Dutch business world about what drives them, their views on social and business developments and their love for PSV.

In the first episode, Robert van der Wallen, founder of BrandLoyalty, explains: "PSV should be there in 2030, where will we be as a club then and what can we influence now to be successful by then." He also tells how he once almost bought an English football club.

An interesting podcast for those who, as football fans, are also interested in the business movements and developments within Dutch professional football.


Business /Football

Eye am Anthony

"Anthony (59), married for 30 years and father of 2 children, business developer of Silhouette glasses, is incurably ill.

Anthony chose the podcast as a legacy for his relatives and the world. "Yes, I will continue to fight, but I won't overcome my illness. Anthony wants his podcast to inspire people to be more positive in life: "I will end with a smile". 

Disarming, vulnerable, open and powerful... Anthony touches us deeply with his story and his very positive outlook on life. He has already left an indelible impression on us.


Legacy / Human Interest

Work Out Bootcamp podcast

In this day and age, we can all use some exercise. And City Bootcamp understands this like no other!

Their podcast consists of several episodes in which you get a full body work out presented by an experienced trainer. Find a park or a beautiful piece of nature and just start with your own private workout ;P.

The workouts are supported by energetic music and clear instructions. You will be guided through an intensive work out. Highly recommended for every boot camper who wants to get loose!


Sport / Health

Ciao Tutti Podcast

Are you longing for sunny Italy too? The well-known discovery blog recently presented its podcast. 

In each podcast you are taken to Italy, its special places and you learn about the Italian culture, language and cuisine. Get away from it all... and maybe it will be fun to prepare for the summer of 2021 ;D.

In the first two episodes, you learn about the coffee culture, how to recognise the best coffee packets and you are taken to the Amalfi Coast. With fantastic clips of real Italians talking about their passions, you will be in Italy for a while.


Travel / Italy

My Africa - My Wildlife

A honking elephant greets you at the start of the podcast of safari expert Frank Ranzijn who shares his 25 years of experience with wildlife.

In his podcast, he shares tips on how best to plan a safari and, not unimportantly, how to travel sustainably. So that many more generations can enjoy his great love, Africa.

Frank takes you into the world of exclusive and sustainable nature and wildlife travel. He shares his 5 favourite wildlife destinations. Need inspiration, or want to travel to Africa? You can with this podcast. 


Travel / Wildlife

Horse Heroes Podcast

For the horse lover there is now the Horse Heroes Podcast. In this podcast, Floor talks to equestrian entrepreneurs and describes herself as an "entrepreneurial horse girl".

With her marketing agency for equestrian sports, she had many conversations with all kinds of equestrian entrepreneurs at many events. And those conversations were suddenly a thing of the past...

Floor didn't let herself be stopped and with her podcast you, as a horse lover, can join in conversations about HorseEvent 2021, get a tour of a stable in Asten and much more. Get your horse heart here!


Horses / Business

There are many more Dutch podcasts

There were many more great podcasts that we unfortunately could not mention in this article. For example Late Night Talks where there is animated discussion about social justice, or how about The Success Accelerator podcast on business growth, focus and productivity.

So there are many more podcasts worth listening to. In our community you can easily discover new podcasts with a single search word or by category. 

So a final tip... from Springcast and veel podcast listening fun!

Majella Loef

Majella Loef

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