Springcast Studio: your entire podcast production in one workflow

Goodbye feedback e-mails with timestamps. And say goodbye to those 5 single trick pony tools that all only do one thing. As of today, there is Springcast Studio! The complete podcast workflow tool for business podcast makers. One tool to rule them all 💪

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The production process of a podcast can sometimes be cumbersome. Files are shared via WeTransfer, feedback is sent by email, the briefing is shared in Google Docs and in Excel you often find the schedule.

On average, eight to 10 tools are used in the podcast production process. For large organisations, this can be quite challenging and producing a podcast is often a cumbersome and lengthy process.

With Springcast Studio, that's a thing of the past. You can manage everything around your podcast or audio production centrally within this platform. In this article, we take you through all the features and possibilities of Springcast Studio.

Springcast Studio: an overview

Springcast Studio is a completely new product in the podcasting world. More and more calls for such a tool reached us. We speak to large organisations, professional podcast makers and studios on a daily basis. And all of them are running into a syrupy production process.

So we researched the possibilities for a platform that covers everything around producing a podcast. For example, planning and preparing recordings and informing a team. Or remote recording of podcasts and providing feedback on audio files. 

All this is now possible within Springcast Studio. Time for an overview of all the possibilities. 

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Production planning

Before you start recording at all, you need to establish what your show and episodes are about. This can be quite a lengthy process, full of brainstorming sessions, meetings and appointments with (potential) guests. Within Springcast Studio, we offer the ability to document all these preparations.

The scheduling module allows you to keep an overview of all scheduled appointments. In this module, it is possible to assign tasks to team members, and to enter and manage appointments by date. Important documents are stored in Assets. Here you can, for example, document preparations for interviews or an outline of your podcast show.

Team Briefing

Within Studio, it is possible to add team members to your account. This makes it easy to brief your team on planning, appointments and other important developments. Team members can also upload documents. 

By assigning tasks to team members, they are automatically included in the schedule and have access to the documents associated with their task. Soon it will also be possible to add a guest to your team per episode. 

Review & Approval

You probably know it. Your editor finishes the first version of the podcast and shares it via WeTransfer. You and your team give feedback in separate documents and send this back to the editor. The editor works on this and then sends a second version via WeTransfer. 

With Springcast Studio, we have simplified this process. Editors can in fact upload mp3s. This mp3 appears in Studio as a waveform. Team members can then indicate to the second where adjustments are needed.

This notes can be seen by all team members, including the editor himself. The latter can thus easily make adjustments and upload a new version. It is possible to add comments to all uploaded audio files. You can also save and categorise all audio versions. 

Versioning & Raw File Archive

In fact, it is possible to archive and categorise all versions. Very handy for the team coordinator. This one can manage all the notes and see who has done what in the podcast process. 

Audit Log & Export

Many organisations want to see the process and manage what has happened within the team to create a podcast. Using our Audit Log, all tasks are made transparent and it is possible to export and document them. So you always have an overview of the entire process. 

Within Audit Log, it is possible to filter tasks and export only what you want to document.

Privacy & Compliance

Springcast is for organisations that use podcasts as a form of marketing/communication and have high standards for the software they use, as well as issues such as privacy and compliance.

We store all data in European data centres and always guard the privacy of our clients as well as that of our clients' listeners. We are therefore 100% GDPR Compliant and privacy focused.

COMING SOON: Podcast Recording

Soon, it will also be possible to record a podcast. Within Studio will be an environment where you can easily record high-quality audio and video.

This can be a huge asset for organisations recording remote podcasts. For example, as they make an internal podcast about employees around the world. 

As a result, you don't need to take out a separate subscription with a party that allows remote recording, but can realise this within your Studio account! 

One subscription per show

Lucrative it certainly is - a price per user. But as an account administrator, it's a nightmare. Paying a few tens for each user quickly gets out of hand. Besides... often some users join later and sometimes users leave. A budgetary nightmare is born.

Springcast offers a subscription that suits our user's needs. The basic subscription offers everything you need as an organisation. That's why you pay per podcast. No matter how many users you then add to your account or podcast.

Studio | €39.95 per podcast per month

  • Add an unlimited number of users
  • 250 GB storage
  • Add unlimited episodes
  • Podcast Feedback & Review
  • Podcast Planning & Tasks
  • Asset Management
  • Audio Versioning & Archive
  • Briefing & strategy documentation
  • Integration with Springcast hosting

Do you need more storage space? For example, because you work with large productions that are published in a high frequency? Then you can upgrade your subscription. You can buy additional storage in 250 GB increments. If you need 500 or 750 GB, for example, you can simply do this. This expansion is again per podcast show. 

Additional storage | + €9.95 per podcast per month

  • 250 GB extra storage

For the creator

Studio is suitable for any podcast creator: from the entrepreneur who uses his podcast for personal branding and works with external parties to that large organisation with an entire marketing team. 

The primary goal is to simplify the podcasting process. With Studio, you no longer have to switch between ten different tool, but can manage the entire process within one environment. 

Get to work

Wondering how Studio works? Then sign up now for a free 30-day-trial and discover for yourself what Studio can offer your organisation.

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