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Being a guest on a podcast is a good way to build your authority within a certain domain. This can be for business, but also for specific interests or specialities. It is also a great way to get to know like-minded people.

How do you get into a podcast?

Until now, it was very difficult to get invited on a podcast if you weren't already known in 'that world'. Because no matter how inspiring your story or ideas are... it was virtually impossible for a podcaster to find you if you weren't in his or her network.

That is why we were regularly approached by inspiring people with the question "How do I get into a podcast?". 

And on the other hand, with the question "How do I find an inspiring guest?"

With the Springcast community, we're solving that problem for everyone. You can register as a podcast guest and podcasters can easily find their guests. Handy, isn't it?

Subscribe as podcast guest

Below we describe the process of signing up as a podcast guest and We conclude with some tips for a good profile so that you can be found in the directory.


Visit the community and register

Visit the Springcast community and create an account for free. In this case you are signing up for a podcast guest account.

  1. Go to
  2. Select add button in the top right corner
  3. Select 'Podcast guest(can be extended later if necessary)
  4. Click above the login form on 'Register‘.
  5. Fill in your details and create the account.


Create an entry

You can create up to 3 types of entries in our community. We therefore recommend a maximum of one entry as a guest podcast, unless you have two completely different profiles (e.g. marketing & Formula 1). This way you can also mention yourself as a certain type of expert or podcaster.

Here are some tips:

  1. In shortExplain in one sentence who you are and what you like to talk about.
  2. Description: Describe your knowledge, expertise, vision, opinion, etc. in detail.
  3. Short biography: Describe your relevant background, experience, etc. here. Feel free to do this in narrative form or simply as a list.
  4. CategoriesSelect one or more categories that you want to talk about.
  5. Topics: Here you can specify what you want to talk about.
  6. Price range: Do you want to participate for free or do you want a fee. Not everything has to be free 😉 .
  7. Interview experience: Let us know how much experience you have with interviews. 
  8. Type of interviews: Are you available for podcasts remotely, are you willing to travel or only at your own location?
  9. I have at my disposal...Let us know what tools and facilities you have at your disposal.
  10. Portfolio: Share the podcast logos of the podcasts you have already appeared in. You can also share three episodes, where a podcaster can get an impression of you as a guest. Link to Spotify, Apple or to a page of your choice. 


Complete your application

Once you have entered everything, you can view the preview of your entry in the directory. You can still make adjustments if you wish.

Are you satisfied with your personal page? Then follow these last steps:

  1. Click on the green button on the bottom right Send message
  2. You are now in our Checkout menu. You have an account with 3 free entries. So there are no costs. Complete your listing by filling in all the details. 
  3. Is everything filled in? Then click on the green button to place your order.
  4. You will now receive an order confirmation in your mailbox.
  5. In your account, under 'My Entries', you can already see that your entry is ready for approval. 
  6. As soon as we have definitively approved your entry, you will be found in the directory as a podcast guest. Of course you will receive an email about this.

Statistics; how often have you been viewed?

Are you curious about how often your profile has been viewed? We have 😉 That's why you get a nice dashboard with statistics. Check below how it looks like. You can find it in your account under the statistics button.

Congratulations on your entry as a podcast guest

We hope you find many great podcast matches and wish you lots of podcast fun!