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Proper editing of your podcast is essential, because you don't want to hear noise in the background. Or that your podcast is hard to follow because you're skipping from one topic to the next. Our top 5 podcast editing software makes it easy to edit your audio. 

And as you would expect, we will give each tool a rating and list the pros and cons of the programmes for you ;D

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Our top 4 software for editing your podcast

In a previous blog, we shared our top 5 software for recording your podcast. Some of the recording tools listed in that article will also do a great job of editing your podcast, but in this article we will list the best software for editing your podcast. And for these tools, some of them are also great for recording audio.
In our opinion, these are the most useful and user-friendly software for editing your podcast:

And of course it can be much simpler. Some hosts or podcast tools offer a complete solution for editing your audio.

At Springcast, it's our Audio Polish. With it, you can literally make the sound of your podcast episode sound like a pro with the press of a button :D. Curious how that sounds? At the article on Audio Polish you can hear the difference.

Do you want to work on your own? Then read on...


Advantages and disadvantages of each software

In our opinion, the best tools for editing your podcast are: Auphonic, Audacity, Garageband and Wavepad. Tools especially for editing your podcast, and with some of them you can also record your podcast.  

In this article, we will briefly describe each software, give them a rating and list their advantages and disadvantages for you. But before we go into each program, here is a summary. Useful for when you want to make a quick choice 🙂 

Price from
Free - € 82 p/m
Windows, MacOS
Windows, MacOS, Linux
Windows, MacOS

#1 Auphonic

As far as we are concerned, Auphonic is one of the best audio editing tools around. You can level your audio, adjust volumes, add ID3 tags, export to YouTube and much more. And at Springcast, we use Auphonic for our Audio Polish. 💚


Free of charge for 2 hours p/m, after that from €9

Upload your audio and Auphonic does the rest! Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and other settings, you don't need to be an audio expert to edit your podcast properly. The algorithms learn continuously and always give you the best results. 



#2 Audacity

Audacity is a free platform that lets you record and edit your podcast. It is loved by many podcasters and we understand why! It is easy to use, provided you have watched some online tutorials, and has a lot of features. The software is regularly updated to optimise current features and to launch new ones. 


Free to use

A very user-friendly, multi-track audio editor. Record your podcast for free, edit your audio, add effects and visualise the frequencies. A very complete tool for recording and editing your podcast! It only requires some deepening of the tool before use. 



#3 Garageband

Recording and editing your podcast has never been easier with Garageband. It's a free app that you can download for Mac devices only. The tool makes it easy to add music, intros, outros and more to your podcast. You can fade them in and out, move them around, adjust them, etc. as needed. And Garageband works perfectly with Logic Pro


Free to use

A free audio workstation for Mac devices. A great choice for beginners and experienced podcasters alike. Easy to use with both recording and editing your podcast



#4 Wavepad

Wavepad is a professional audio editor with all functions for Windows and Mac. You can easily record and edit audio with it. You can cut, copy and paste recordings. But you can also add effects like an echo, amplification and noise reduction. 


One-off €60

A one-time purchase audio editor perfect for editing your podcast. The software has many possibilities in terms of tools and effects. For a beginner this might be a bit overwhelming, but you can expect to master it in no time. 



Podcast hosting

When you've finished editing your podcast, it's time to share it with the rest of the world. The first thing you need to do is podcast hosting necessary.

A podcast host will store your audio for you, put together your podcast artwork and show notes nicely and create a podcast feed. You'll need this feed to publish your podcast to platforms like Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts.

Of course, we at Springcast are happy to help you host your podcast. But we do more than that: we make your life as a podcaster even easier. Amongst other things, you can make use of:

Uploading your podcast

Once you have found the right podcast hosting, you can create an account and upload your audio. Often the hosting platform will describe exactly how to do this. At Springcast, we have at least a extensive knowledge database and made handy tutorials for you to easily upload your podcast. 

So you only need to upload your podcast in one place at all times: to your podcast host. The host automatically transfers your podcast episodes to other platforms as soon as you subscribe your podcast with your RSS feed there.

Try it out (for free)! 

Choosing the right hosting platform is an important decision to make. It has a great impact on the ease of use, both for you and the listener. That is why it is important to choose a good host. 

Are you still looking for a good podcast hosting? Or are you not satisfied with your current hosting? We can easily move your podcasts. Try Springcast 30 days (free of charge), experience the ease and get to know our platform full of useful features!

Elke Folkersma

Elke Folkersma

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