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The different types of recording software

Listening to and making podcasts is becoming increasingly popular. As a result, more and more software programs are appearing with which you can record or edit your podcast. But which tool is best for you? We present our top 5 software for the Recording your podcast in a row

We give each tool a rating and list the pros and cons of the software for you. Hopefully after this article you will be able to use the right recording tool for your podcast. And most of these tools can also be used to edit your podcast ;D

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Our top 5 software for recording your podcast

There are many different software programs for recording your podcast. Not so many that you can't see the wood for the trees, but the choice has increased enormously over the years. 

To make it a little easier for you to choose and to make sure that you use the right tools, we have put together a top 5 for you. We think these are the most useful and easy-to-use software for recording your podcast. 

Advantages and disadvantages of each software

We describe the podcast recording tools mentioned above, give each tool a rating and list some pros and cons for you. 

And this time we turn it around: we start with a summary and the explanation follows later. Handy if you want to make a quick choice 😉 .

Adobe Audition


Logic Pro

Sound Forge

Other useful tools that we will not discuss in this article, but are worth mentioning nonetheless: Speaker, Reaper, Iris, Hindenburg Journalist

The tools Spreaker and Reaper are very useful for recording a podcast in general. Iris and Hindenburg Journalist are recommended for interviews.

And before we go any further.... of course a good hosting platform for your podcast also not lacking. Without a good host, recording and editing your podcast is of course pointless. Take a look at the podcast hosting packages from Springcast. ✅ 

#1 makes it possible to record audio and video in the cloud relatively easily. The audio and possibly video of each participant is recorded and stored locally. Therefore, no encoding quality is lost. And in the cloud, you can easily edit the tracks separately.


From €6.60 per month

One of the best podcasting software for us. Not only is it perfect for recording audio, you can also enrich your podcast with video. is super friendly to use and has very good sound qualities. 



#2 Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition allows you to record and edit your audio in a very professional way. Record, mix, edit, and restore audio with this program. A comprehensive toolset makes it easy to turn multiple podcast recordings into a single podcast. And of course you can start recording with one click.


From €24.19 per month

Adobe Audition's highly versatile software will help you get the audio from your podcast even better into the headphones of your listeners. It's easy to use and great for fine-tuning your recordings. 



#3 Garageband

A great app for beginning podcasters or the podcaster with some experience. Garageband makes it easy to create separate tracks for music, intros, outros and more. 

You can fade them in and out as needed, move them around, adjust levels, you name it. For many podcaster, this software for recording your podcast will be more than enough. Especially as a beginning podcaster.


A great tool if you work on a Mac and are looking for a free software to record your podcasts with. Garageband is easy to use for the average podcaster thanks to its simple user interface. 



#4 Logic Pro

Logic Pro is a full-fledged music production and audio editing programme that is actually an extension of GarageBand. You can easily record and edit your podcast audio with an extensive toolkit. It's also possible to use it in combination with Garageband: these files can be upgraded to Logic Pro very easily.


A full-featured digital audio workstation that meets the needs of both novice and professional podcasters. In addition, Logic Pro has one of the best included effects and libraries of stock plug-ins on the market.



#5 Sound Forge

Sound Forge lets you record podcasts in high quality and, unlike the previous two tools we discussed, it is only available for Windows. It allows you to record, edit and restore audio easily. 


A programme primarily intended to edit, optimise and export audio clips. It is not a multitrack editor, but a very useful app for simple podcast recordings and small edits.



Locations for a good podcast recording

Even though podcasts are becoming more and more popular, there are still relatively few representative podcast studios. That's a shame, because especially when you invite guests to your podcast, you want to welcome them in a stylish and cosy studio.

In general, most studios are set up very practically to provide the best possible sound. This makes sense, of course, as it is essential for a good recording. This also applies to the right podcast equipment, but we will come to that later.

With a practical studio you can of course also make a good podcast recording, but how nice is it to be able to invite your guests to an atmospheric location? And it's also handy if you want to shoot photos for marketing purposes or to turn your podcast into a video cast

And Springcast has something great for that: the podcast network. A community where podcasters, speakers and experts can find each other. But where you can also find the best podcast recording studios! You can register for this free of charge and create a shortlist of your favourite studios. 

Podcast equipment 

Where it used to be enough to record your podcast with your phone, these days you need a complete podcast setup necessary. After all, if you want to join in with your fellow podcasters, your sound quality has to be good. 

But there's more to podcasting than just recording and getting the sound right: you want to get all your podcasting equipment working properly, taking it to remote locations and, above all, delivering quality. Especially if you use it as a serious marketing or business opportunity. 

So we've put together a handy list of what we consider to be essential podcast equipment. And also a short explanation of why it's a good idea to buy it.

podcast mixer

Rodecaster pro

A perfect mixer to record your podcast. Connect the microphones, set the levels and record with a microSD card. Small, relatively light and easy to use.

studio microphone podcast

Two studio microphones

Two studio microphones to counteract ticking and banging noises. One for you and one for your guest. Very handy and it saves a lot of editing time. Don't forget to order the microphone arms if they are not included. 

record microphone podcast

Table microphone

In addition to the two studio microphones, it is very handy to have a table microphone that records everything.

storage equipment podcast recording

Case for your equipment

Handy for storing your mixer if you're going to record your podcast somewhere else. A large case can also be used to store other equipment.

podcast headset

Two headphones

To properly monitor your podcast recording. It reproduces the sound fairly and neutrally, and dampens ambient noise.

sd card recording podcast

Micro SD cards 2 pcs

Two Micro SD cards to store your podcast. Make sure you have enough GB and use one as a spare. 


Podcasts are becoming more and more popular and in order to stand out from your fellow podcasters with your podcast, you not only need unique podcast content, but also good software and equipment. 

Software for recording your podcast and for editing it. And equipment to record your podcast in the best possible way, which will save you a lot of editing time and help you bring a good quality podcast to the attention of your target audience. 

The recording tools and equipment in this article will give you a head start on making a good podcast 😉 And as for unique content for your podcast... in a previous blog we wrote about 7 different types of podcasts. Including the disadvantages, advantages and examples. 

Happy Podcasting! ✌

Elke Folkersma

Elke Folkersma

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