Spotify news from the Netherlands

Spotify news from the Netherlands
At the Podcast Festival conference, Spotify podcast manager Josh Kröse shared news from Spotify about recent developments for the podcaster and listener. What's in the pipeline at Spotify in the near future?

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During the Podcast Festival 2021 organised by Podcast Network Foundation We had the opportunity to listen to Spotify's podcast developments.

Josh Kröse, Spotify's podcast manager in the Netherlands talked about the increase of podcast listeners they see in the Netherlands, how they personalise for the user and what developments we can expect for podcast creators. Very interesting! 

In this article, we share this news from Spotify with you. 

Spotify's mission

But first of all, we didn't want to deny you Spotify's powerful mission statement;

 "Our mission is to unlock the potential of human creativity - by giving a million creative artists the opportunity to live off their art and billions of fans the opportunity to enjoy and be inspired by it."

We saw this mission in the developments that Josh shared with us. Which developments were those... 

Spotify sees increase with 85%

Data on the number of podcasts or podcast listeners in the Netherlands is not yet plentiful. Every six months, for example, the The agency Markteffect the Podcast Monitor… 

Josh was able to tell us that Spotify will see an increase in podcast listeners of 85% in September 2021 compared to September 2020. A development we recognise; the podcast continues to gain ground.

That 85% growth sees Spotify This was fuelled by the 18-24 age group, who have been listening to podcasts significantly more over the past year. The many new podcast shows that appeared and the visibility of podcasts in the app also contributed to this significant increase, according to Josh.

Personalisation EN Spotify offer 

Josh has personally compiled about 170 podcast collections with Dutch podcasts! Yes, sit down and listen to that...

Dutch Spotify users will be able to easily discover new cool Dutch podcasts around a theme that suits their personal interests. 

How nice that Spotify not only determines algorithmically what the listener will get as a new listening suggestion, but also through human curation wants to offer the user something new and inspiring.

And that also requires human skill ;D

Your Daily'; Podcasts of 6 minutes

A whole new part of the personalisation around playlists within Spotify is the addition of 'Jouw Daily'. This is the Dutch version of the American 'Your Daily Drive'.

In America, this playlist is intended to cheer up the listener's daily car trips with short podcasts on current topics.

The need Spotify sees for listeners to take a 5-6 minute deep dive or briefly enjoy a podcast means that 'Your Daily' will soon be introduced on Spotify in the Netherlands.

We from Springcast So we see opportunities for podcasters to jump into this gap, because short podcasts - there are not many of those yet. With the desire of the listener for this, this is a great opportunity to expand your podcast offering.

Make money with your podcast

Spotify sees the need for monetisation at the podcast maker. In addition to their paid subscriptions, Spotify soon wants to make it possible for podcasters with their own subscription models to put their podcasts behind a pay wall at Spotify.

That way, even if you already have a private podcast or if, for example, the NRC already offers your podcasts behind a pay wall, Spotify also releases the same content after payment. Spotify wants to offer their users this through a simple plug & play system.

Spotify invests in creator & user

We were thrilled to hear how Spotify is also working in the Netherlands to make it possible for podcasters to earn money with their beloved podcast creations...

And how the podcast listener can be even more easily enchanted or surprised by new Dutch podcasts. 

That makes our podcasting heart beat faster 💚. Happy podcasting! ✌️

Majella Loef

Majella Loef

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