Springcast release October 2020

New springcast features!
In September and October, we worked hard on new features for our users, but also invested heavily in the foundation of the platform.

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We've focused on branding this month, so you can brand your podcast website. Now it's even possible to host your podcast on your own domain with the custom domain option. You'll be able to reach your podcast on something like podcasts.tesla.com or podcasts.nico.nl. 

But we have also invested in the infrastructure of our platform over the past month. In particular, the hosting structure has been upgraded to ensure that we can scale sufficiently in the coming years.

But let's start with the new features...

New functions

  • Shownotes

    You can now add extensive show notes to your podcast episodes. You can use headlines and formatted quotes. This will make it even more attractive for your followers to follow your podcast.

  • Google Tag Manager integration

    Another feature we have launched is the integration with Google Tag Manager. This allows you to integrate Google Analytics with your Springcast Podcast website. Read how to do that here.

  • Add company logo

    Sometimes you have a podcast image, also called artwork, and a company logo. Now you can add a company logo under 'podcast website' if it differs from your podcast logo.

  • Choose a background colour

    You can now choose a background colour for your podcast website. The top part of your site will then be shown in that colour, so you can customise it to your own brand.

  • Custom domain

    If you want to host your podcast website on your own domain, then that is now possible if you have a 'broadcaster package (or higher)'. You can then reach your podcast website at, for example, podcasts.yourdomain.com. Upgrade your package to broadcaster and send an email to support to have it set up.

But we don't stop there, of course, so we want to give you a glimpse of what you can expect in the coming months.

Roadmap (expected)

  • (Even) nicer design podcast site

    We've already tweaked your podcast design a bit recently, so that it looks presentable (we weren't too keen on the first design ourselves). But now we've put a top designer on it, so your podcast site can compete with the best content websites.

  • (Even) nicer design podcast player

    Yes, we had also updated the player, but because it is so essential to your success, we are also having it done by this top designer.

  • Optin form on the site

    We expect to launch a feature very soon that allows you to easily add a form to get people on your email list. We will start with an ActiveCampaign integration and later on Mailchimp and others will follow.

  • More and better analytics

    Finally, we are now (and in fact constantly) working on more and better statistics so that you know exactly what is happening with your podcasts.

Nico Oud

Nico Oud

An entrepreneur with a mission. A mission to help entrepreneurs reach their goals. As a business coach I share my 20+ years of experience and with Springcast I help entrepreneurs to spread their message through podcasts. I'm also an avid podcast listener and producer.

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