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The right podcast tools will ensure an effective workflow and contribute to the professionalism of your podcast. So we have listed the best podcast tools for you.

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It doesn't matter whether you're a professional or a beginner... without the right podcast tools, it's going to be hard to produce anything of quality. And finding the right podcast tools can be a frustrating and costly affair.

And we want to save you that. Therefore, together with our community, we have identified the best tools for you. 

We have given each tool a rating on a number of points so that you can choose a tool that suits you. We also describe what you can do with each tool.

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What do we mean by podcast tools?

Before we dive into the world of podcast tools... let's first consider what we actually mean by "podcast tools". Because of course it's impossible to list all the tools without causing some kind of selection stress. And in fact even something like "Facebook" can be a podcast tool.

This is our definition (for this article):

A podcast tool in the context of this article is a tool that you use to record, edit or market your podcast. It can be either hardware or software.

We have chosen to leave out social media channels. We all know which ones there are 🙂 These tools are for producing and managing your podcast.

What did we look for?

The most important thing we have paid attention to is that the tools are suitable for beginners and semi-professionals. The real die-hard gurus don't need to be told anything about tools, of course. Their tools are often so specialised that it takes months and sometimes even years to really use them.

But the podcast tools that we have included in our list should be able to grow with you until you are a podcaster in the top segment ;).

In addition, we have only chosen tools that you need regularly as a podcaster. Not the 'one-time' apps.

Podcast essentials

The podcast essentials are the foundation of every podcast. They're the tools you need to get your podcast up and running. And of course your podcast needs a home and that's where Springcast comes in.

Adobe Audition is one of the most powerful tools for a podcaster and a must have for the (semi-) professional podcaster. With Audition you can edit your podcast, but you can also record your podcast with it if you don't have an audio mixer (like the RODEcaster).

If you want to learn everything, it is a tough tool, but you can find brilliant tutorials on YouTube. For example, on this channel.

Price range:

$25 p/m

Difficulty level:


If you work on a Mac, Garageband is a great free alternative to Adobe Audition. You can record and edit podcasts with it. The user interface is simple and you can add advanced features later.

The average podcaster can use this podcast tool. Provided that you work on a Mac. If you do not work on a Mac, then Audicity the free variant.

Price range:


Difficulty level:


Of course, our own podcast hosting platform should not be missing. Because without podcast hosting, you can't get your podcast on Spotify, iTunes or Google podcasts. On top of that you'll get a beautiful podcast website, podcast analytics and various other podcast tools.

Most podcasters will be fine with our cheapest package of €7.95. And no matter which package you choose, you will always get the best Dutch-speaking support.

Price range:

€7,95 - €39,95

Difficulty level:

Easy is the podcast tool for podcasters who regularly do remote interviews. Because Riverside enables you to record high quality, multi-track audio and video. So you'll never have to deal with that crackly phone sound in your podcast again.

The bonus is that you also have a video recording of your podcast. 

Price range:

€1 - €75,00

Difficulty level:


Podcast branding & content

The tools below will help you design your podcast house style, produce or enrich your content, etc. 

With Envato elements you have access to a gigantic media database. You can find thousands of jingles, sound effects and also music for your podcast. With a paid account, you can even download as much as you like.

Besides audio files, you get access to stock videos, stock photos, WordPress templates & plugins, etc. Envato Elements is an indispensable tool in the toolkit of every podcaster.

Price range:

Free of charge - €14.50

Difficulty level:


Canva is golden for content creators. You can easily design a logo for your podcast, an image for your blog, a social ad or even a complete brochure.

With Canva premium you have access to millions of elements, stock photos, GIFs, shapes and even complete logos, etc. We can't imagine content marketing without Canva.

Price range:

Free of charge - €8.99

Difficulty level:


With Headliner you can easily turn a podcast into a short video trailer or even a full episode. You can use this to promote your podcast on e.g. Instagram or to share your entire episode on YouTube.

With Headliner, even a beginner can easily create a professional video version of his podcast.

Price range:

Free - $19.99

Difficulty level:


Podcast hardware

Quality sound is essential for a podcast. It's fine to record your first podcasts with your phone or built-in computer microphone, but soon you'll need to invest in (slightly) better equipment. Below we list the essentials for you.

Do you want to produce a professional podcast? In cooperation with Bax-shop we have put together a complete kit for professionals. Buy this kit and you're ready to go.

The RODEcaster saves you a lot of time and money when it comes to post-production. You can edit your podcast directly during recording.

Price range:


Difficulty level:


Yeti USB microphone

Don't want to spend a lot of money on equipment, but do want to record quality audio? Then choose this USB microphone from Yeti. 

The Yeti offers great value for money and is ideally suited to beginning podcasters or serious hobbyists.

Price range:

€140 - €180

Difficulty level:


Final recommendation

As you've read, there's no need to invest loads of money in podcast tools. With just a few dollars a month, you'll be up and running, producing professional quality podcasts.

While the right tools are half the battle, it is essential that you also invest in the marketing of your podcast and its content. 

Especially in the beginning, it's fine to experiment with different styles and podcast formats and not let it slow you down by 'overthinking' everything. But once you have momentum, that should be first on your list.

I hope you found it a valuable article. Have fun podcasting!

Nico Oud

Nico Oud

An entrepreneur with a mission. A mission to help entrepreneurs reach their goals. As a business coach I share my 20+ years of experience and with Springcast I help entrepreneurs to spread their message through podcasts. I'm also an avid podcast listener and producer.

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