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New Pricing Podcasts Springcast 2022
We've heard your feedback and will soon launch our new subscriptions and prices based on it. In this article you can read all about our new podcast subscriptions and what this change means for your current subscription.

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It used to make sense to us, but even we can't remember why... selling bundles of podcast shows. You buy 2, 5 or 10 of them. And depending on that number, you also get extra features. Not logical for you as a customer and not logical for us anymore either. Springcast. Time for a change! 

In this article you will not only read about what is going to change, but also what it means for you. The choices you have, but also how things work. Use the menu below to navigate quickly if you are looking for specific answers.


  • We are adjusting our subscriptions this month
  • You can keep your current subscription for another year
  • With the new subscriptions you pay per podcast show
  • The new subscriptions start from €4.95 per show
  • You can easily switch to a new subscription
  • We are launching some completely new features

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Why we are changing the subscriptions

Firstly... most customers start with 1 podcast. And with the 'old' packages, you always had to buy 2 immediately. Illogical, you pay directly for something you don't use yet.

Secondly... if you were podcasting like crazy and you wanted to take a third show, you had to take 5 shows immediately 🙄. If you wanted a 6th after 5 shows... you had to take 10.

I know... 🥴

Thirdly... it didn't always work out well administratively either. Within organisations, costs had to be divided between departments and some podcasters had to send payments back and forth when accounts were combined.

Finally... Customers often wanted to be able to use the features from a more expensive package for one of their podcasts, but didn't necessarily need them for their other podcasts...

So that is the 'why' we changed our subscriptions.

The new subscriptions

Below are the new subscriptions that will be launched in the week of 14 February. Scroll over a function or feature to see what it means.

! Please note: Since December 2022, the price of our Esential subscription has been increased. Read there here more on.




Essential has:
Unlimited episodes
Unlimited storage
Unlimited downloads
Compatible RSS Feed
Podcast website
Embedded player
Basic Analytics




Everything in essential, plus;
Unlimited users
Private podcast
Custom branding
Call to actions
Advanced Analytics




Everything in Advanced, plus;
Springs (coming soon)
Custom domain
Audio optimisation (coming soon)
Amberscript integration (coming soon)
Remove Springcast branding

What happens to your current subscription

Although the new subscriptions will be more favourable for most customers, this may not be the case for you at the moment. Therefore, you can keep your current subscription for the next 12 months.

Please note that once we have rolled out the new subscriptions in the week of 14 February, you will no longer be able to upgrade or downgrade to the 'old' Podcaster, Broadcaster and Media Empire subscriptions. If you still want to do that, it is important to do so before 14 February.

It is also good to know that we are releasing all new (future) features, such as Springs and Audio Optimizer, only for our new Essential, Advanced & Growth subscriptions. 

In 12 months' time we will ask you to switch to one of the new subscriptions.

What if you are in a trial or coupon period?

If you are in a trial period, you can still choose to subscribe to the 'old' Podcaster, Broadcaster and Media Empire subscriptions by adding your payment details. This an only be one until we launch the new subscriptions.

Once the new subscriptions are launched in the week of 14 February, you will only be able to choose the new subscriptions.

Are you in a coupon period and have you entered your payment details? Then you can, if you wish, use our old subscriptions for another 12 months. 

Switching if you have multiple podcasts now

If you have several podcasts and want to switch to the new subscriptions, you can specify which subscription you want for each individual show. If you have some kind of test podcast it's possible too unsubscribe that specific podcast.

It is only possible to switch to the new subscriptions with all your podcasts. So you can't keep some in the old subscription and some in the new one.

A new package, Growth

The following functions will be rolled out in the near future, so are not immediately available.

The latest package 'Growth' offers you tools to make your podcast more successful. With 'Springs' you can easily generate a video clip with an audio clip of your podcast. You can share the Springs on your socials to draw extra attention to your podcast with (new) listeners.

With audio optimisation you can easily improve the quality of your audio, such as noise cancelling, hum reduction, volume levelling, etc.

With the Amberscript integration, you will soon be able to easily generate a transcript and add it to the episode on the podcast website.

And finally... this package will later also include an advertising module or, as the experts call it, dynamic content insertion.

Still have questions?

Do you still have questions or concerns? Please send your question to support@springcast.fm.

Nico Oud

Nico Oud

An entrepreneur with a mission. A mission to help entrepreneurs reach their goals. As a business coach I share my 20+ years of experience and with Springcast I help entrepreneurs to spread their message through podcasts. I'm also an avid podcast listener and producer.

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