Update September '21; Springcast continues to develop at a rapid pace

Update September 2021
Last summer, we released Springcast 1.0. And also in the summer of 2021 we have not been idle... And so new features have been added to the Springcast platform!

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This summer, hard work continued on the Springcast platform. Our developers again did a lot of work under the bonnet and also worked on new features and (still secret) projects...

Here are some highlights of new features and improvements...

Menu item Advanced

The Advanced menu item has been added where various settings for the SEO (search engine optimisation) of your podcast can be made.

Spoken languages added

The spoken language in the podcast can now be specified in 177 languages.

Embedded Player Adjustment

A volume slider has been added to the embedded player.

RSS feed button modified

The original RSS-feed button on the podcast website sometimes caused confusion among listeners. Therefore, the button has been relocated and given a different look (smaller and less conspicuous) and the RSS feed link is now copied to the clipboard and not shown directly.

Menu item Podcast Team

Additional users/editors of a podcast can now be added under the menu item Podcast team.

Downloading invoices & adjusting data

In the account management section under the menu item subscription, you can now download the latest invoices and easily adjust billing data.

New design Podcast playlist 

In addition to these improvements and small new features, we also made a big wish come true...

We gave the podcast playlist a new look!

As of this week, the playlist is available in the new design. You can configure the playlist in the dark or light version (as shown below), or even in your custom colours. In this way, it matches the style of your own website. podcast websitewhere you can embed the playlist.

The playlist below is from the podcast HorseHeroes. What do you think?

Embedded playlist

Add chapters to your podcast player

It is also possible to add chapters to your embedded player starting this week. A nice new feature that makes it possible for listeners to navigate to different chapters.

And it's also easy to include links from your newsletter directly to that particular chapter in your podcast - how cool is that?! And it's made easy for listeners to share your podcast from that specific chapter via the socials!

Support is extensive

In addition to a strong development team, we now have a strong support and finance reinforcement. Linda has been in full action for our Springcasters for a month now. Would you like to welcome Linda? She is watching on our Springcast Insta ;D.

And we would love to follow you as a Springcaster on your podcasting adventure. Would you like to follow us or add us via the buttons below? Then we can easily find you on the socials and share your podcast or podcast story via our socials.

That's how we can make podcasts grow...

Happy Podcasting ✌️

Majella Loef

Majella Loef

Naturally curious and always interested in people and their personal stories. As community manager of Springcast I connect podcasters with professionals who can improve and enrich their podcasts. And I help podcasters spread their stories.

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