Springcast platform upgraded and improved

Good news! We've completely upgraded our platform. Not only did we do some heavy maintenance to improve general workflow, we've also added some really great new features for you to use in your podcast experience. The new Springcast is more practical, more stable and offers even more possibilities. Read all about it in this article.

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At Springcast, we are constantly improving our platform. This is not only desirable for our customers, but also for ourselves. We once started Springcast because we wanted to be there for the creator. And that ambition is still there. 

Over the past two years, we have already upgraded our platform a couple of times. With this latest upgrade, we have improved the workflow and offered some really nice new features. And we would like to tell you more about them ;D 

Steps to take before using the Amberscript integration:

  • Integration with Amberscript
  • Renewed Embedded Player & Playlist
  • Improved distribution to podcast apps
  • Automatic renumbering of episodes
  • Saving episodes as drafts
  • COMING UP: pre-, mid- and post-roll
  • COMING UP: new Advanced Analytics Suite
  • COMING UP: upgrade podcast website

Table of Contents

Amberscript integration

One of the key additions to our platform is an integration with Amberscript. This fulfils a long-held wish of many Springcasters. The Amberscript integration converts the audio of your podcast into text. You can easily edit this within our platform, so that the text matches exactly what you hear in the podcast. 

The integration is available in the Growth subscription. To use it, you need an account at Amberscript necessary. All you then have to do is link your Amberscript account to your Springcast account. Want to know exactly how it works? Then read the article in our Knowledge Base. 

The beauty of the Amberscript integration is that the transcription of your podcast appears in our completely revamped Embedded Player. Do you use the tool? Then the transcription will automatically appear as subtitles in your player.

Want to know more about our Amberscript integration and why it pays to transcribe your podcast? Here read all about it.

Renewed Embedded Player & Playlist

Yes, you read it right. Our Embedded Player and Playlist have also undergone a metamorphosis. So, in addition to a visual upgrade, subtitles now appear automatically in the player. Of course, this is only the case if you use the Amberscript integration.

As before, it is possible to choose from four colour themes:

  • Springcast colours
  • Dark
  • Light
  • Custom (own design)

Good to know: Have you posted a playlist of your podcast or various Embedded Players on your blog or website, for example, in the past? Then these will automatically adapt to the new design. This does not affect any applied chapters or call-to-actions.

Another new feature of the Embedded Player is that it remembers where you left off playing a podcast. Previously, the player closed completely when you left the website.

If you came back, the episode would start all over again. In the new Springcast, the player remembers where you are and continues where you left off when you come back. 

Improved distribution to podcast apps

We have also added additional podcast services to our distribution menu. For instance, from now on you can also submit your podcast to Podimo, Samsung, Castro and Overcast via Springcast. This was already possible, of course, but with the update we offer additional 'tiles' of the above apps. Moreover, you can see at a glance whether your podcast is subscribed to the various apps.

As you can see in the visual above, a green icon with the text 'connected' appears in the lower right corner of the tile. This means a workable link has been placed by you under your podcast website settings. Read more about it in our Knowledge Base.

When a link does not work, it is indicated by a pink icon showing 'disconnected'.  So do make sure you post a correct and working link to the right platform. 

Automatic renumbering of deliveries

With the upgrade of our Springcast platform, we are making it as easy as possible for you. For example, you no longer have to remember which episode you are at; when creating a new episode, the next number is automatically displayed. 

In addition, all text you write while uploading your new episode will remain until you press publish. Previously, all text disappeared the moment you had not, incorrectly or incompletely filled in a field and you could start all over again. That is a thing of the past for good ;D

New feature: save concepts

And that brings us directly to another long-cherished wish: saving a draft episode. Imagine: you want to fill in all the information about a particular episode in advance in your Springcast dashboard. Think title, description, you name it. However, you don't yet have the mp3 of the episode itself. 

No worries! Because from now on, you can save your episode as a draft. This means that, in theory, you can already create a series of episodes without the podcast itself being ready. Very nice for the marketer who likes to work ahead. 

COMING UP: pre-, mid- & post-roll

What can you expect in the future on the revamped Springcast platform? We can already tell you that we are coming soon with pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll. This is available in our Growth subscription.

Do you use fixed intros or outros in your podcast? Or would you like to feature ads in all your episodes? For example, to put your sponsors in the spotlight? 

Then use the pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll. This is an automated system where you can upload audio clips that will be placed in ALL your episodes at a place you designate. 

COMING UP: new Advanced Analytics Suite

We also completely rebuilt our Analytics Suite and added new features. A small overview:

The new Advanced Analytics Suite:

  • Selecting time periods
  • Total downloads including Spotify
  • Number of Spotify downloads
  • Number of Springcast downloads
  • Interpretation of figures clearly explained in text
  • Overall visual upgrade of the suite

COMING UP: upgrade podcast website

We are also going to tackle the design of our podcast website. As you may know, every Springcast user automatically gets their own podcast website. This site will contain the episodes of your podcast and the description of your show.

With the future upgrade, it will soon be possible to choose from different templates and colour tones for this website: Springcast, dark, light and custom. This will give you more options to shape your website.

In addition, there will be a button on your website with your podcast transcription underneath. Of course, this is only the case if you use the Amberscript integration. You can fully unfold this to read the transcription. 

The new Springcast

With all these new features, Springcast brings a platform that is even better suited to our customers' needs. And we will continue to listen to you in the future. Want to know more or have any questions or requests? Don't hesitate to ask!

Contact our Support or take a look at our Knowledge base. Here you will find useful articles on how our platform works. Have you looked around our new platform yet? Do it soon ;D 

Happy Podcasting 💚

Femke de Walle

Femke de Walle

Storyteller in sound, word and image, coming from the world of radio. Years of experience as a radio producer/DJ, reporter, newsreader and journalist. Writes blogs and produces podcasts for Springcast.

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