Five reasons why brands and companies choose Springcast

companies choose Springcast
Are you a company or brand and want to start a podcast? Your timing couldn't be better. More and more people are listening to podcasts. Here are five reasons why companies and organizations choose Springcast as their podcast host.

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Podcasting is hot. Since 2018, the number of podcast listeners has grown by 40% (source: Nielsen Podcasting Today). How is that possible? 

The ultimate 'on demand'

The podcast initially was an in-car medium. Since the global pandemic however, the podcast shifted to an at-home medium. People are listening to podcasts when they're at home. They also listen more often and several times a day (source: Nielsen Podcasting Today). 

Here's why: you can listen to a podcast whenever you want to, wherever you want. It is the ultimate 'on demand' medium. You can easily pause an episode and continue listening at a later time. And what about multitasking! You don't have to stop doing what your doing while listening (source: Brandastic).

Music to your ears

And that is what makes the podcast so interesting. You dive into a subject without having to spend time reading about it or watching a video. Plus, you can listen to a podcast in a short amount of time: while cooking, exercising or your daily commute.

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The podcast as a marketing tool

This is why podcasting is such an enormous opportunity for your company, organization or institution. The podcast establishes engagement with your audience. You communicate in a direct way with your followers about your brand, your goals and your values. Hello brand awareness!   

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a marketing term. With brand awareness, your target audience literally becomes aware of your brand and/or product. This way, they're more likely to want to know more about you or use your service and/or products.

So, to break it down, podcasting is a strong marketing tool. We've talked about podcasting and branding before in our blogs. You can read about it here. Want to know more about using a podcast as branding? We've written an article about how to record a podcast using your iPhone or Android. 

All well and good, but...

... what about those five reasons to choose Springcast as a podcast host? 

We're getting there 😉 

More and more companies, institutions and organizations choose Springcast for podcast hosting. That's because we offer the essential tools. 

And more importantly... No company or organization is the same. We listen to our clients and ask them what they need. And we'll make that happen.

"As a storyteller and content creator you want to operate as flawless as possible. Springcast makes it happen so easily, so you can focus on your real job; telling stories."
Martijn Aslander
Digital Fitness

Five reasons to host with Springcast

Whether you are an entrepreneur in a large corporation, work for the government or are a small business owner: Springcast offers podcast hosting customised with packages for every podcaster. What really sets us apart are our Enterprise packages.

An Enterprise package is one customized exactly to our clients' needs. This package is ment for companies and organizations who need more than our standard packages have to offer. Think about a standalone app, an internal podcast solution or a diverging account limit.

Of course we've got the basics covered: we host your podcast and offer easy distribution to Spotify, Google, Apple and other providers.

But we want to take podcast hosting to the next level. Springcast is constantly developing new podcast tools and services to make your life as a podcaster easier. 

We live and breathe marketing. Because we come from that world ourselves, we know what companies and organizations need. This is why we are constantly exploring new tools. 

Our marketing tools:

  • Newsletter Integration
  • Springs (teaser video for social media with own branding)
  • Call-To-Actions for your Podcast Player
  • Podcast Website with own branding and url
  • Amberscript Integration (coming soon)

We value quality and aim high. That's why we offer special tools to take your podcast to the next level. 


We care about our customer. In fact, that is one of the main reasons we startedSpringcast in the first place. We noticed that many podcast hosting companies treated the podcast as a separate channel. While we believed the podcast to be part of a complete package with services and tools. 

But perhaps more importantly, with Springcast we've got your back. You don't have to worry about the privacy of your data, which is very important these days. And... to quote the famous tv-show 'Friends': we're always "there for you" ;-)

We are:

  • GPDR-compliant (the privacy of your data is guaranteed)
  • 100% European

We offer:

  • Full-time Support
  • Extensive Knowledge base 
  • Springcast App Environment (where you upload your podcasts and have access to all the tools) in 10 languages 

Yes, I do!

In this article we've explained why podcasts are so popular and what's in it for you as a company or brand. So if you're still hesitant towards starting a podcast... Don't be 😉 Just do it! 

And as we stated earlier: we're always happy to help. Get in touch with our sales team for more information. Or contact our support

Happy Podcasting!

Femke de Walle

Femke de Walle

Storyteller in sound, word and image, coming from the world of radio. Years of experience as a radio producer/DJ, reporter, newsreader and journalist. Writes blogs and produces podcasts for Springcast.

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