Why we are increasing the price of our Essential subscription

Pricing adjustment
We are increasing the price of our Essential subscription to €7.95 per month and it has everything to do with what we stand for as a company. In this article we'll explain everything you need to know.

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We once founded Springcast with a very clear focus, which was;

  1. Privacy focused
  2. We never sell customer data
  3. Suitable for professional content creators
  4. Enterprise scalability

Because... there are plenty of free alternatives for a podcaster who is just getting started. Or the podcaster who isn't ready yet to spend money on a podcast. 

But if you want personal support in your own language and timezone, if privacy (privacy legislation) is important to you, or you're looking for a robust podcast suite, then possibilities for a solid suite slim significantly. Especially if you're looking for a combination of all of the above.

That is why I, Nico, started Springcast in the first place. I am a content marketer at heart and know how important it is to have a robust solution for managing your podcasts. I also know how important it is that your marketing tools are aligned with your internal policies in terms of privacy and compliance.

The Essential package

We once created the Essential package for podcasts that are no longer really active but need to stay online. After all, it's a shame to take valuable content offline just because of money management.

We've noticed that many organizations opt for the Essential package but in reality deserve more features for their type of podcasts. Often because organizations can't estimate in advance what they actually need.

That's not really a problem, as our consultants often contact organizations to see if their choice of subscription aligns with their goals.

The problem

The problem is that the Essential package isn't profitable for us. That never used to be a problem, because we've had more than enough customers to make up for that.

However, Springcast as a company is growing fast. And we're investing a lot in improving customer experience (e.g. professional, personal support), in constantly develop our suite and in the scalability of our infrastructure.

Because of all those investments, and the ones we'll be making in the next couple of months, the price of our Essential package no longer matches the services we're offering with it.

Of course we considered to stop providing personal support to our Essential customers. But that conflicts with our vision and what we stand for. We want to offer personal support to all of our customers.

We also considered housing Essential customers on a less robust and therefore less costly infrastructure, but that too clashes with what we stand for.

So there really is only one thing left to do... we need to increase the monthly fee for Essential.

What does this mean?

💚 We are not increasing the prices of current Essential subscriptions, only new subscriptions that are taken out.

❗️ Note; if you currently have a trial, please add your payment details before your trial expires then you can still take the subscription at the old price.

However, there is already quite a large group of customers who have indicated that they want to pay the new price, because they believe in what we stand for and want to support it. If you feel the same and would like to pay the new price, please send a message to our support.

If you want to continue paying the current fee, you don't have to do anything. Nothing will change.

Should you want to create a new podcast, you will need to pay the new price. Should you want to change your subscription, you won't be able to downgrade back to the old price.

When will the new price be implemented?

As of today, our Essential subscription is available only for the new price of €7,95.

Nico Oud lung

A personal note
(from Nico)

Price increases are never fun. As the tool freak I am, I have experienced it all too many times. Sometimes it would make me really angry when a tool became more expensive, sometimes I was actually happy to contribute to the survival of a tool or company (e.g. Netflix, formerly Evernote, etc).

Every day, our team works really hard to make sure to become one of those tools you don't want to work without. I hope (and know) that more and more customers experience our value and will continue to support us in our mission to become thé privacy focused podcast suite for entrepreneurs and organizations.

Nico Oud

Nico Oud

An entrepreneur with a mission. A mission to help entrepreneurs reach their goals. As a business coach I share my 20+ years of experience and with Springcast I help entrepreneurs to spread their message through podcasts. I'm also an avid podcast listener and producer.

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