We are constantly working to keep our platform in top condition. As soon as changes or new features are implemented, you can find them below.

Do you suspect a fault? Then visit our status page. If you would like to see a feature added yourself, please do a feature request.

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  1. Better translations

    Today we have added a better translation manager. With this manager we are able to add new languages and change language strings quicker on out platform.
  2. Changed the episode table in dashboard

    When both the season and episode value are '0' the episode table in the dashboard would not display the season. This had now been fixed.
  3. Fixed import function

    Due to some changes the import function stopped working for some users. Today we have researched and fixed this issue.
  4. Fixed bug in download number in episode table

    In the episode table in the dashboard the total downloads was not displayed when there were only Spotify downloads. Today this has been fixed.
  5. Changed the working of the draft function

    Based on feedback we have made some changes to the working of the draft function. For example: '0' is now a valid value for both season and episode.
  6. Fixed bug in Springs page

    For some users, under some circumstances, the Springs page in the dashboard displayed an error. With this fix we have solved the issue.
  7. New feature: save episode as draft

    Our clients provided feedback and asked for a draft feature. Today the draft feature is released. With this feature clients are able to create a draft episode with only a title. Only for publishing all fields are required to fill.
  8. Player artwork breakpoint

    Based on feedback from clients we have changed the breakpoint from where the artwork is displayed in the embedded player.
  9. Random waveforms only

    We used to create a waveform for every audio file. This was a heavy process to do and also had a bad perfomance while listening. Therfor we have decided to totally remove the generated waveforms. This will result in a random waveform for every player since this is much better performance wise.
  10. All access for yearly paying subscriptions

    Since customers with a yearly subscription typically need more time to pay the invoice (and we have a process in place to follow-up). We have totally removed the past_due check for all yearly subscriptions.
  11. Fix for onboarding flow

    With the release of the new onboarding flow some users with inactive subscriptions where onboarded as a new user. With this fix we have solved this issue.
  12. Fix for graph labels

    With the new dashboard some displaying troubles arrose in a statistic chart. With this fix we have solved the display issue.
  13. New release: onboarding, transcription, player, dashboard

    Today we have done a major release containing the following updates:

    1. Onboarding
    The way new users start their Springcast journey has now changed. We have smoothed the process where you create an account and create your first podcast show.

    2. Transcription
    With this release it is possible (for clients with the correct subscription) to connect your Amberscript account to your Springcast account with an API key. With the API key in place you can send the audio file from Springcast to Amberscript and Amberscript will return the transcript. This transcript is editable in our dashboard and will be displayed in our players.

    3. Player
    The embedded player is completely rebuild to be more stable and perform better. One of the wishes from feedback from our clients has been honoured with the waveform now displayed on every screen width.

    4. Dashboard
    While most visitors will only see a more stylish dashboard, under the hood we have made a great deal of changes. The whole dashboard is now modular, therefor it is much easier for us to add changes in the future.
  14. Add Spotify downloads in episode table

    The total download includes the Spotify download count from now on in the episodes table in our dashboard.
  15. Remember player progress

    With this update we save the playing progress of the embedded player for the user. If the user decides to stop listening or leaves the page with the player and later resume playing we now have remembered where the user has left.
  16. Changes to reset function

    From now on it is possible for users with a yearly subscription to also use the reset function.
  17. E-mail notification when Spring is generated

    Generating a Spring might take some minutes to complete. We have added an e-mail notification so you don't have to wait while your Spring is generated.
  18. Graph played portion hidden

    There appears to be an error in the formula that shows which part of an episode has been played. This is an extensive formula which takes some time to be properly adjusted. For now, we have therefore temporarily disabled this graph. The graph next to it shows the same data, only in percentages instead of absolute numbers. It thus gives almost the same information and is accurate.
  19. Adjustment delete account

    Once a user deletes his or her account, all associated data (shows, episodes, subscriptions, files) are now instantly deleted as well.

  20. Email notification after removing payment method

    Whenever your existing payment method is removed, you will be notified by e-mail from now on. Very convenient.
  21. E-mail notification after using Audio Polish

    Applying the Audio Polish function sometimes takes some time. With this update, we have ensured that you will automatically receive an e-mail as soon as the Audio Polish has been performed. So you can continue your work in the meantime.
  22. Anti-spam measures applied

    We take continuous measures to combat spam on our platform. With this update, we have made sure that creating an account is only possible if the request comes from a valid IP address.
  23. Anti-spam measures applied

    We take continuous measures to combat spam on our platform. With this update, we have added more anti-spam measures to make sure that people do not subscribe via a bot.
  24. Bug fix 'distribution of listening moments' graph

    A bug had crept into the display of the 'distribution listening times', this display was running one hour ahead as a result. This update fixes this problem and everything runs on time again.
  25. Bug fix sending invitation e-mail to private members

    In the table with members of a private podcast, it was only possible to send an invitation e-mail to the members on the first page. After this change, the invitation can again be sent to all members on the list.
  26. Change in order episode list in dashboard

    We've made a small tweak to the dashboard that now displays episodes in better order.
  27. 'Dark mode' only for Essential subscription

    We have made a change so that users with a Essential subscription will always see the 'dark mode' player.
  28. External links open in new window by default

    From now on, external links placed on a podcast website will always open in a new window.
  29. Improved Spotify import

    If an import of statistics from Spotify fails, it will be automatically restarted from now on.
  30. Adaptation of formatting of texts on the podcast website

    With this update, we have improved the display of texts on the podcast website.
  31. Bug fix opt-in services

    When using the registration form in the embedded player, sometimes something went wrong with forwarding to ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, Mailerlite or Hubspot, for example. We have fixed this in this update.
  32. Customisation of invitations private podcast

    With this update, it is now possible to send people an invitation by e-mail to listen to a private podcast episode. Previously, this could only be done by publishing a new episode and proved inconvenient.
  33. Start registration release notes

    As of this writing, we will keep track on this page of any changes made to our platform that may affect usage.