Enterprise podcast solutions

For organisations with high compliance, privacy & priority support requirements.

We work for many government agencies, large companies and educational institutions and offer various pathways for smooth and worry-free onboarding. In the areas of Security, Procurement and Privacy.

Client List

1000+ Clients already entrusted their podcasts to us.

Springcast hosts the podcasts of countless large organisations, governments and businesses. If you are looking for a professional podcast management system and if privacy, compliance and security are important to you, you are in good hands with us.

Enterprise podcast solutions

Over 1,000 large organisations, governments and enterprises now entrust their podcasts to Springcast, and with our enterprise solutions you are assured of secure (internal) distribution, smooth and careful compliance onboarding and seamless integration.

Compliance onboarding

Privacy, procurement, security and compliance onboarding.

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Internal podcast app

Its own internal podcast app for controlled internal distribution.

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Link Springcast to existing systems and dashboards.

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Compliance services

A smooth and careful onboarding with our enterprise solutions.

Are you dealing internally with a privacy officer, a security officer or a legal compliance officer? No worries. Our Onboarding team will ensure smooth and careful handling, while you can get started with your Springcast account.

Security onboarding

For e.g. security questionnaires and security audits, etc.

Privacy onboarding

Custom processor agreement, data compliance surveys, etc.

Priority Support

Priority support at times of need.

Procurement onboarding

Procurement portals, customised procurement processes, etc.

SLA possibility

SLA capabilities for lightning-fast support in case of emergencies.

Dedicated account manager

A permanent contact within the Springcast organisation.


Internal podcast app

Your own white-label internal podcast app for controlled distribution of internal podcasts at a fraction of the investment of a custom mobile app. 

  • For Android & iOS
  • Only accessible internally
  • Own logo & branding
  • Under its own name in AppStores
  • All internal podcasts in 1 app
  • Comprehensive statistics
  • SSO Integration
  • Easily add podcasts

Integrate Springcast with existing systems using our API

Want to link Springcast to existing systems? A few applications we see come up regularly: