Ethical statement

Ethical statement

At Springcast, we are stakeholder focused and do our best to make the world a more interesting, beautiful and better place. Read all about it below.


At Springcast, we want to have the most favorable impact on our environment. This philosophy is deeply rooted in our corporate culture. It starts with our shareholders, our employees and our customers, but extends as far as our carbon footprint, the well-being of our suppliers and their employees and the community we are part of.

Springcast vision

Stakeholder focused

At Springcast, we are stakeholder focused. For every big decision, we weigh the interests of everything and everyone we impact. And we go to great lengths to do so. 

We consider our customers, the listeners of our customers, our employees, the families of our employees, but even our impact on the earth. 

In this way, Springcast is striving for a better and more beautiful world. 


Stakeholder focused

With Springcast, we want to make a positive impact on the world. And in doing so, we start by taking the interests of all stakeholders into account.


Privacy & Data

Our goal is to provide content creators with the data they need without compromising privacy. In addition, we host all data in local data centres.



Your followers and data are yours. That is why we continuously develop solutions that contribute to this. Examples are our API and custom mobile app.

Our ethical guidelines

At Springcast, we have established ethical guidelines to help us make decisions. We use them to check if our decisions are in line with the vision we have and the impact we want to make. We make every effort to check each guideline when we make big decisions.

It is almost always obvious what 'the right thing to do' is. Don't look for a grey zone for your own gain. The reward is doing 'the right thing'. Feels good right? 🙂

Actually, we do not even want to say that we are inclusive, because there really is no exclusivity when it comes to people. But to make it clear what our position is and how we look at people, we share it anyway. We don't care about colour, gender, age, background, education, etc. The only thing that matters to us is the right mindset.

Think not only about what our impact is today, but also what the impact will be tomorrow and the day after that. Try to look as far ahead as possible and assess how we can positively influence the future of mankind and nature in the future.

You don't have to be big to contribute to a better world. Every contribution counts. At Springcast, we don't just invest in growth, we invest in a better world. We do this in large and small ways. And we give the team the space to make a positive contribution to the world. 

A company can only be successful if it wins, and sometimes someone has to lose to win... but not always. That is why we always look for a win/win situation. We want to buy in a competitive way, but not to squeeze out our suppliers. We want to be the best, biggest and nicest, but not by excluding the competition. And we definitely want to be winners, but the sporty kind of winners.

Our responsibility is not limited to our organisation. We also want our suppliers and partners to be committed to a better world and to steer by a positive ethical compass. 

We practice what we preach

Below is a list of big and small things we did with love for our world...remember...every little contribution helps. This list is not to brag, but to show that our claims are not made up of thin air. It is not a complete list either... just a few things we like to share.

We regularly highlight great podcast initiatives that contribute to a better and more beautiful world. For example, we were all impressed by the good work that Defence for Children does by standing up for the rights of children. Check that blog here.

Bunq is certainly not the cheapest bank, but it is the most sustainable one we could find. For every €100 we spend with our credit card, Bunq plants a tree for us. But more importantly... Bunq lets us choose how our money is invested. In this way, we know for sure that we are not investing in war and environmental polluters. 

It is important to us that our suppliers also make a positive contribution to the world.

When Anthony emailed us to cancel his podcast subscription because he was incurably ill, we wanted to do something for him and his family. The always cheerful Anthony deserved a legacy and so we offered him a lifetime free account, on which he could record a legacy-podcast for everyone to listen to. His story could be read in different media, but most of all we hope that his next of kin and also strangers can feel his presence when listening to his legacy podcast. And that he may continue to inspire everyone with his special personality.

It was clear to us from the start... we were going to be a remote-first company. We have an office that acts as a 'home' for Springcast, but by default most people work from home.

Because it reduces our impact on the environment, it enables our people to be closer to their families, but also because we want everyone at Springcast to have the freedom to live/work where they want... even if that means Ibiza, France or Sweden.

Our vacancies are free of stigma, discrimination and judgement. It may seem obvious, but educational requirements wrongly exclude people. An age restriction unjustly excludes people. 

We are looking for the best people and as far as we are concerned, these aspects do not matter. That is why we have ensured that we never exclude on the basis of prejudice, stigma and discriminatory features when selecting potential candidates.

Even experience is 'off the table' for most jobs. Only if it is really necessary for the execution of the function, we look at experience.

We could make a lot of money if we sold customer data. Or worse... the data of our customers' listeners. We put the privacy of our customers and their listeners first, so they can enjoy creating and listening to podcasts without having to worry.

That is why we have consciously chosen to host all data in Dutch data centres and not at Amazon, Google or Microsoft. Not because we are against those companies, but because the US government is allowed to violate privacy.