About Springcast

Passion for content and branding.

We walk the talk. Long before Springcast started, we were helping companies and entrepreneurs with content marketing and branding. And took the lead with our own marketing. 

Content and branding in our DNA

I, Nico, am the founder of Springcast and I started this company because no other podcast host or platform seemed to understand what podcasting is really about. At least not for companies that podcast. 

In all the companies I've built so far, building a brand through content marketing was the top priority. And those brands ultimately led to engaged followers and communities.

Marketing channel

When I started my own podcast and the various podcast hosting platforms, it frustrated me that they all approached podcasting as a separate marketing channel. Which it isn't.

Business podcasting vision

If you podcast for business, you're ultimately doing it for new, loyal customers. Or as an NGO, you do it to create awareness and raise donations. As a government agency, you want to reach the public and create awareness.

But whether you are an entrepreneur, company, non-profit or government agency the ultimate goal is to further develop the relationship with your target group.

And in that case, the podcast should not stand alone, it should be an integral part of your marketing and communication mix.

And that's what we do and continue to do at Springcast. Developing tools and integrations that provide the ultimate podcasting experience, while seamlessly integrating with the rest of your marketing and communications apparatus.

Springcast vision

Stakeholder focused

At Springcast, we are stakeholder focused. For every big decision, we weigh the interests of everything and everyone we impact. And we go to great lengths to do so. 

We consider our customers, the listeners of our customers, our employees, the families of our employees, but even our impact on the earth. 

In this way, Springcast is striving for a better and more beautiful world. 


Stakeholder focused

With Springcast, we want to make a positive impact on the world. And in doing so, we start by taking the interests of all stakeholders into account.


Privacy & Data

Our goal is to provide content creators with the data they need without compromising privacy. In addition, we host all data in local data centres.



Your followers and data are yours. That's why we continuously develop solutions that contribute to that purpose. Our API and custom mobile app are examples of this.


These A-players are building Springcast with us.


We integrate with your marketing tools

We understand that you use your podcast as a part of your brand and/or community and that it contributes to your mission. 

We also understand that a podcast has to generate traffic to other channels and marketing tools. 

That is why we integrate with your favourite marketing toolkit.


About our technical infrastructure

The speed and availability of your podcast is important, that's why our platform is built for speed, stability and scalability. Below you'll find an overview of the key features of our platform.

Data centre

SSD storage

Off-site backups

Enterprise hardware

High Availability infra

Contact us

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