Podcast analytics


Podcast analytics

The best podcast analytics suite out there. Optimise your podcast based on data and track the growth of your podcast.


Podcast analytics for
content creators & marketers

Are you hosting your podcast with Springcast? We have an extensive podcast Analytics Suite available which gives you a very thorough insight in when, where and how your audience is listening.

The most advanced
podcast analytics suite

Advanced statistics

Comprehensive listening statistics

Smart Zoom Function

Zoom in up to the minute.

Extended source list

See exactly which player or device your listener is using.

Analytics podcast episode

Listening time

Zoom in and see exactly where your audience stops listening.

Listening behavior

Check where your audience skips forward or backward.

Where do listeners press pause?

See where and when your audience hits the pause or mute button.

Use data to create better content for your target audience.

You are probably already used to making adjustments based on data when it comes to your written content. After all, that's what Google Analytics is for. With Springcast, you can get the same insights for your podcast with our podcast analytics module.

Writing down inspiration

Used devices

Listening moments

Listening behaviour

Used apps


Powering podcasts from the world's most
prominent brands

Basic analytics

Essential podcast statistics.

Whichever package you choose, you will always be able to check the essential statistics to find out if you are on the right track. You will see the following statistics:

* Measured from the embedded player & podcast website.

Basic Podcast Analytics
Advanced Podcast Analytics


Extended podcast statistics.

When you choose the Advanced or Growth package, you get the most advanced podcast analytics suite available.

* Measured from the embedded player & podcast website.

Google Podcast SEO Springcast


Analytics without privacy violation.

From a marketing and communications perspective, you want as much data as possible, without violating the privacy of your followers. And that is exactly how we built our Analytics Suite. 

Unlike many others, we do not build profiles of your followers and listeners. This it what makes our Analytics Suite great for organisations that value privacy.


Google Tag Manager Integration

We understand that podcasts are part of your marketing and communication mix and that you want to integrate that valuable data with your other statistics.

That's why we offer a Google Tag Manager integration, which allows you to use your analytics tools to track who is listening via the Embed player or the podcast website.

All you have to do for the integration is paste the Tag Manager ID in the correct field. That's it.

A package for both big and small podcasters

Podcast hosting packages

You will find our podcast hosting packages here. Do you need more than the Growth package? Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Pricing per podcast show. You can have multiple podcast shows in your account.



€ per month

Essential has:
Unlimited 'episodes'
Unlimited storage
Unlimited downloads
Available in 10 languages
Your own podcast website
Your own embedded player
All your podcasts in 1 dashboard
Basic Analytics



€ per month

Everything in Essential, plus;
Unlimited users
Pre- mid- post- rolls
Private podcast
Custom branded player
Custom branded website
Call to actions
Advanced Analytics



€ per month

Everything in Advanced, plus;
Pre- Mid- Post- rolls
Video snippets
Audio optimisation with AI
Export statistics
Amberscript integration
Remove Springcast branding
Custom domain

Frequently asked questions about the packages

You can pay by direct debit or credit card. Paying by invoice is also possible if you pay per year. Please send an e-mail to support@springcast.fm.

If in doubt, just start with the Advanced package. You can always upgrade or downgrade your package. 

Are you a marketer, do you sell products or services? Then you should choose Advanced or Growth, because then you also get the advanced features and marketing tools, such as Advanced Analytics and a Call-to-Action function.

Large organisations and governments who have specific compliance & AVG requirements, should opt for an enterprise solution and start with a Media Empire package.

A show is a series of episodes. Usually with a particular topic. Some podcasters mix different topics in one show, while others have a show per topic. Think of a show about entrepreneurship and a show about personal development.

Yep. You can do so with a click of a button from your account or send a message to support and we'll take care of it.

Most definitely! We have a strong hosting platform on which we handle the heaviest loads. Customised packages and arrangements are also possible. Please contact us by sending an email to support@springcast.fm.