Private podcast

Controlled distribution

Private podcasts

Private podcasts are the perfect solution for organisations and content creators who want to stay in control of who may listen to their podcasts.

3 levels of security for

Private & internal podcasts

Depending on how you want to use private podcasts, the Springcast platform provides different solutions.

Hidden podcast

Your podcast can only be listened to by people who have the link.

Private podcast

The podcast can only be listened to by people who are registered.

API (mobile app)

The podcast can only be listened to through its own mobile app or application.

Option 1: All packages

Hidden podcast

Only the people who have the links to the podcast are able to find and listen to the podcast episodes.

For users, it is possible to subscribe via the RSS button in your favourite podcast app (not yet for Apple unfortunately).

Note: People can still share your content.

  • Hidden from search engines
  • Only accessible via link
  • Functional RSS Feed
  • Listening in various podcast apps
  • Embedded player remains usable

Option 2: All packages

Private podcast

Add users' name and e-mail address to the whitelist. They will receive a notification of every new episode to which they can listen via a unique and personalised link.

If you remove a user from the whitelist, this user also loses access to previously received content.

  • Secure podcast website
  • Email list to manage access
  • E-mail notifications on new deliveries
  • Unique, encrypted link per user
  • Deleted users lose access

Option 3 (enterprise)

Mobile app / API

Do you want complete control over who can listen to your content? Be sure to build a custom mobile app on our platform. Or you can let us build it. The best way to create a controlled distribution system.

Various authentication possibilities can be incorporated depending on your wishes and requirements. More info >>

  • Completely secured distribution
  • Extensive rights management
  • Build your own app on Springcast
  • Or let us build your app
  • Everything customised

More information on

The private podcasts

The hidden podcast has countless applications. Think of an author who wants to link to a podcast from his book. A podcast just for his readers. Or an organisation that wants to keep its investors and other stakeholders informed of important developments.

The hidden podcast is for content only meant for a certain group. It wouldn't be a problem if someone else sees the content. Would it be a problem for your organisation if 'just anyone' can find the content? Consider the Private Podcast or the API podcast.

Operation of hidden podcasts

The hidden podcast is actually a podcast that can only be found if you know where to look. It is not indexed by Google or other search engines.

The big advantage of the hidden podcast is that it is fully functional. Listeners can subscribe to the podcast feed and you can easily use the embedded player.


The hidden podcast is a feature available in the packages Advanced and Growth.

The private podcast is ideal for controlled distribution of your podcast. Only people who are registered on the whitelist with their email address have access to the content. And only for as long as they are on the whitelist. If they are removed from the whitelist, they'll lose access to the content. This includes the content they received in an earlier stage.

The private podcast can be used as a kind of internal newsletter or if your content is part of a paid product. We have noticed that this form of content is often used for communication with members. Members of an association or a project group.

If it is difficult or not desirable to add all e-mail addresses to the system, consider the API podcast (mobile app).

Operation of private podcasts

When you create a new podcast, you can indicate that this show is a private podcast. Under the distribution tab you will then be able to add recipients to the whitelist.

Every time you publish a new episode, an email notification is sent to all the people on the whitelist with a link that is unique to them. This link leads to the podcast episode which can then be listened to in the browser. This player also plays in the background when the smartphone enters sleep mode. 


This functionality is available in packages Advanced and Growth.

Do you want complete control over the distribution and create a secured system for your podcast? Or do you want your own mobile app with your content in it? 

Then we offer an API with which you can link. 

With this solution, you can have your own (mobile) app developed and link it to our platform. You then have the convenience and security of our platform, and your own app. If desired, we can also build the app for you.

Operation Podcast API (mobile app)

If you choose this option, things will work slightly differently. What remains the same, however, is our user-friendly management environment. In fact, managing the podcast works the same.

The big difference is that the podcast feed can only be read via the secure API. The (mobile) app that has access to this API has the sole rights to retrieve the content.

Additional rights can also be assigned to these using groups. For example, you can give group X access to podcast A and give group Y access to podcasts A & B.

This means you can unlock multiple podcasts in 1 app and define access per group and user.


The price is determined by the number of shows/podcasts for your hosting subscription. 

If you want us to develop the mobile app for you, we will make you a customised offer.

More info? Then please contact us.

A package for both big and small podcasters

Podcast hosting packages

You will find our podcast hosting packages below. Do you need more than a
Growth package? Don't hesitate to contact us for a more information.

Pricing per podcast show. You can have multiple podcast shows in your account.



€ per month

Essential has:
Unlimited 'episodes'
Unlimited storage
Unlimited downloads
Available in 10 languages
Your own podcast website
Your own embedded player
All your podcasts in 1 dashboard
Basic Analytics



€ per month

Everything in Essential, plus;
Unlimited users
Pre- mid- post- rolls
Private podcast
Custom branded player
Custom branded website
Call to actions
Advanced Analytics



€ per month

Everything in Advanced, plus;
Pre- Mid- Post- rolls
Video snippets
Audio optimisation with AI
Export statistics
Amberscript integration
Remove Springcast branding
Custom domain

Frequently asked questions about the packages

You can pay by direct debit or credit card. Paying by invoice is also possible if you pay per year. Please send an e-mail to

If in doubt, just start with the Advanced package. You can always upgrade or downgrade your package. 

Are you a marketer, do you sell products or services? Then you should choose Advanced or Growth, because then you also get the advanced features and marketing tools, such as Advanced Analytics and a Call-to-Action function.

Large organisations and governments who have specific compliance & AVG requirements, should opt for an enterprise solution and start with a Media Empire package.

A show is a series of episodes. Usually with a particular topic. Some podcasters mix different topics in one show, while others have a show per topic. Think of a show about entrepreneurship and a show about personal development.

Yep. You can do so with a click of a button from your account or send a message to support and we'll take care of it.

Most definitely! We have a strong hosting platform on which we handle the heaviest loads. Customised packages and arrangements are also possible. Please contact us by sending an email to