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At Springcast, you get to build the future of marketing, communication and entertainment, while enjoying freedom and investing in personal growth.

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What to expect?

At Springcast, we do things a little differently. We work towards big goals and focus on rapid growth, while throwing freedom and balance into the mix. You can read what that means on this page.

Hi. I am Nico.

The founder of Springcast

I have built several teams for my previous companies and I am sure that every former employee would say that it is cool to be part of my team. It's fun and enjoyable, but we are also always the winning team. This is what I promise you:

Uhm... podcast hosting?

We believe that audio has the future. Google, Spotify, Amazon and Twitter have all recently invested billions in acquisitions in the podcast world. And looking at the history of mankind, speech is the medium we are most used to. And we think it is the future.

That's what I thought when I started. That would have made it all a lot easier and cheaper 😉 It's much more like a SaaS company. The real difference is the management environment and the tools we develop for podcasters. And then looking to the future, we're adding analytics, big data and artificial intelligence. Not really boring is it? 

About the company

Are we a bunch of lone wolves? Absolutely not! We are a remote company and work partly with freelancers and small agencies, but also have a permanent core team. That keeps us lean and scalable.

HQ - Netherlands

We mostly work remotely and meet at various locations. This can be in the always beautiful Friesland, but also in the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam.

Working from home does not mean you don't see or speak to your colleagues. Sometimes you meet at an inspiring location, sometimes you work at home, or on the terrace and maybe some time from Bali. We don't care. As long as we enjoy working together.


These A-players are building Springcast with us.

What we have to offer

A fun working environment

An environment where you can excel at what you do, but where you will also experience peace and joy.

Budget for personal growth

You will receive a budget with which you can invest in your personal development and growth.

Market related salary

The money is not pouring in yet, but of course we'll pay you a market-comfort salary.

Excellent secondary conditions

You can hand in your coffee receipt and if you run out of days and still need an extra week, you get it. That sort of thing.

Working with the best tools

We work with the best tools available, so that together we can do our job.

Career opportunities

Springcast is at the beginning of the journey, and as it grows, great career opportunities arise for those who aspire to grow.

How about...?

We firmly believe in personal growth. My (Nico) whole career is built on personal development. Would you like to buy a book on how to make the perfect coffee? That's fine. About spirituality? Sure thing! About your profession? No problem, of course.

As Springcast continues to grow, it will also be possible to organise international seminars, etc.

Of course, you have to pay for your own coffee at home. However, you can claim for the coffees and drinks you order when working from a lunchroom for example😉

We'll make sure you pursue a career the way it suits you. You don't have to become a manager to grow Springcast. If you're great at your job, that's worth at least as much.

What we are looking for:

We are mainly looking for people who are like us. Skills can be learned, but if we speak a completely different figurative language, it will be difficult to work together. In fact, we're looking for A-players 😉 .


You have to be a self-starter. We give you the freedom because we want to, but also because we don't like to micromanage. If you don't know something, you find it out by yourself. That's it.


You really don't have to be an extrovert, but you do need to be able to express yourself and have a conversation with a colleague or customer.


You are someone who is on time, does a good job and also takes ownership for mistakes made we feel a bit human too 😉


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