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Unknown often makes unloved and we would like to change that. Because these podcasts are definitely worth listening to. So check out what's in it for you!

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About Recht Gesproken

This summer the lawyers and civil-law notaries of KienhuisHoving started their own podcast, 'Speaking of Law'. During the podcasts they speak in varying combinations about current legal affairs. 

For example on the basis of a judgment or a current legal development. The podcast is interesting for entrepreneurs, but also for professionals who want to dive a little deeper into the legal world.

Topics covered include the NOW 3.0, the legal aspects of a start-up, but also how to obtain information from someone else. In a legal way of course ;D.


Business / Legal

Groningen This Week

At the end of October, Oogtv launched the first Groningen news podcast: Groningen Deze Week. Every Friday at 11 o'clock a new episode appears with the highlights from Groningen of that week.

Veur de eerlieke Stadjer' is a party to listen to. The podcast offers a variety of fragments, background information and conversations with well-known and lesser-known Groningers.

In the first episode, for example, mayor of the night Merlijn Poolman talks about the influence that the coronation measures have on the hospitality industry in Groningen.


News / Groningen

Education above all

Tom and Kristel both work in education. Tom works as a teacher of physical education in secondary schools and Kristel is a school leader in primary education.

The Bovenal Onderwijs podcast is for anyone who works in education or has anything to do with education and child development.

Kristel and Tom discuss topics such as the fixed & growth mindset, the use of growth capital and group dynamics.


Education / Children

Growth Minds

Ok... sometimes you have to give yourself a podium ;P. We also have a podcast, Growth Minds! 

In this podcast, Nico talks to various entrepreneurs about their learnings, insights and best practices. The Growth Minds podcast is intended for entrepreneurs and high-performers with an interest in personal development and growth.

We spoke with Amanj Hamid, among others, about starting over and how you develop into a successful entrepreneur after fleeing from Iraq. And with Quintin Schevernels, CEO of Funda, he shares his productivity hacks and his view on growth.


Business / Human Interest

podcast master of the Lockant

Master of the Lockant

Lawyer Edith Van de Lockant talks in this podcast with several guests about divorce, mediation and inheritance law. 

For example, she gives advice on how to reduce the impact of a divorce on children, for example with a good parenting plan. But she also explains what a divorce procedure costs and what advantages mediation has. 



Legal / Divorce

Do you have the golden podcast tip?

We are always looking for new interesting podcasts to share with our audience. So have you listened to a great podcast recently? Share them in the comments below.

Have fun listening!

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