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European Championship podcasts
When the Dutch team plays, we are all a bit more Dutch and football knowledgeable, right? There are many great podcasts where you can listen to light-hearted or in-depth analyses of European Championship matches. And there are even meditation podcasts to help you keep your cool during the match. We love EK Podcasts and... Of the Orange!

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During a European Championship, it always becomes extra clear: so many people, so many opinions. And so there are numerous football programmes in which the football expert shares his or her opinion. And this year, we also see many podcasts in which people talk about that one exciting match.

In this article, we share a few great World Cup podcasts that should get you extra in the mood, provide you with in-depth analysis so you can leave that uneasy feeling behind and help you through those horrible nerve-wracking moments during the match.

European Championship podcast 1: Warming up with Humberto

Warming up

We often remember special matches from the past. And how nice is it to look back at historic matches of the Dutch national team?

Take that terribly exciting match against Italy in 2008... Together with Rafaël van der Vaart, Humberto looks back. A podcast that listens well, that really takes you back to the time and of course completely in the relaxed style that we know Humberto for.


European Championship Podcast 2: Orange Meditations & Relaxation

Orange meditations at Lizet's

Sometimes, watching a European Championship match feels more like survival than entertainment. Your blood pressure and heart rate rise considerably and your nails take a beating (sometimes even your partner's)...

That's why Lizet has released the Orange Meditations as a podcast. You can keep your nerves under control with the penalty, cheer or bitterballen meditation. Just a few meditations to get you through the nerve-racking penalty shootout!


European Championship Podcast 3: Football experts have their say

The AD Football podcast

Etienne Verhoef will discuss this European Championship with, among others, renowned football journalist Sjoerd Mossou and his outspoken colleague Maarten Wijffels, along with other football experts.

They go through the round of play with the help of statements, deal with the latest news from the Dutch training camp and give their unvarnished opinion in a light-hearted way.

EK Podcast 4: The friends tell

The Goalaso Podcast

It is nice to discuss the European Championships among friends. They just love beautiful and good football. The clubs don't pay them, they say, so they just give their opinion.

They will discuss their impressions, the performance of the Dutch team and the different poules and of course answer the question: who will win?

EK Podcast 5: Old-fashioned sit-down at NOS

NOS EK Football podcast

Of course, the NOS cannot be left out of this list. After all, didn't we all grow up with the NOS reports and reviews?

In this podcast, Arno Vermeulen talks to former footballers and well-known guests such as Kees Jansma and Youri Mulder join him to talk about previous European Championships and of course this European Championship. A feast for the real football fan.

EC Podcast 6: Listening to football icons

EK Daily from FC Afkicken

With their large fan base, FC Afkicken already reached many football lovers with their football news. And the EK Special was bound to happen: The EK Daily Podcast.

In their podcast they receive, among others, football icon... Jack van Gelder! No, not a football player, but who doesn't know this man from his epic football reports! And then it's great to just listen to Jack. You are immediately in the EK mood :D.

The Orange feeling is there at Springcast

These six EK podcasts will certainly get you in the right mood for the upcoming match(s). Of course with the Orange as the highlight ;D. So put on your best orange outfit and hop on the couch, or in the car, turn up the volume and listen.

And you don't feel the tension anymore? Do a short bitterballen meditation and you will be back with the right heartbeat ready to see the Netherlands win. Our fingers are crossed that the Dutch reach the final and win, of course. 

Let the Orange feeling burst forth! 

Majella Loef

Majella Loef

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