Winners Dutch Podcast Awards 2021
This year the Dutch Podcast Awards were also incredibly exciting and during the ceremony in the Tuschinsky it was announced which host and podcast could call themselves 'the best' of the Netherlands this year.

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Finally the time had come... the final of the Dutch Podcast Awards 2021. Previously we wrote about the nominees and the history of this Dutch Podcast Awards. Yesterday we watched from Springcast to the award ceremony and announcement of the best host and best podcast of 2021. 

In this article we tell you who the winners are and you can check out the gems of podcasts and maybe add them to your list of favourite podcasts!

Podcast Awards ceremony 2021

In the run-up to this special evening, the winners in the 8 different categories were announced via radio and also online on various socials. And so yesterday there were still two spots to be filled: best podcast and best host.
A total of 100 000 votes were cast, a new record for these Dutch Podcast Awards. In the category 'best host', 5 well-known hosts were nominated, including Yves Gijrath and Hannelore Zwitserlood. Hannelore received the most public votes, but the professional jury also gave its opinion. So it was exciting.

And...the winners of the coveted Award for best host and best podcast....

Best Host 2021

Bastiaan Meijer

Congrats Bastiaan!

Bastiaan Meijer

Bastiaan is host of the podcast Podbast. In it, he talks to successful people, BN'ers, about their way to the top.

For they too have known setbacks, received criticism and experienced their struggles. 

In his own way, uninhibited and sharp, but also very personal, Bastiaan examines what can be learned from them.

Best Podcast 2021

The Deventer Media Store

Congrats Deventer Media Store!

The Deventer Media Store

Annegriet Wietsma received the awards for best narrative podcast and best podcast 2021 for this production she has worked on with heart and soul in recent years.

In the podcast The Deventer Media Store Annegriet explains how this murder case degenerates into a smear campaign by the media, resulting in only losers.

This podcast may rightfully call itself 'best podcast of the Netherlands' for a year!

All winners and their podcasts

In addition to these two winners, there were awards to be given in 8 different categories. Below is an overview of the winners, with a description of the podcast and a direct link to the podcast.

Add to your list ;D

Award winner Tech & Science

University of the Netherlands

In this podcast, scientific questions are answered in a simple manner by various scientists from Dutch universities.

Perhaps the best podcast episode is the one about "whether coffee is good for you or not". But you can also learn all about why humour is wildly attractive and how we stole the bicycle from the British. Dive in!


Award winner Lifestyle & Society

Marc-Marie and Aaf find something

This duo thinks something of everything (you may already be familiar with this ;P) and so it comes as no surprise that they review everything that comes their way.

Whether it's about tourism, reading tourists, or grandpas, grandmas and coffee. If you like light-hearted conversations with a touch of humour, you're in for a treat. Listen to it....


Award winner for Media & Opinion

The Gygs

This podcast is behind a pay wall and has a regular fan base. And that is not surprising. Because Mr Vlieger and Mr Gijrath are not afraid of a good conversation.

Whether it's the latest news, politics, corona, football or any other subject... You get fireworks. Curious? Check out their podcast via the Kapiteinenlijn.



Award winner Brand Story

Below the radar, above yourself

One of our favourites; a real Brand Story podcast! Because who doesn't want to get a glimpse of the life and work of the commando troops?

During the various podcast episodes, you are taken along by a commando on a dangerous, secret mission. You find out why they chose this work, how a secret mission and much more.

We will say no more... go check it out!

Award winner Business

How much am I worth?

Rolien decided a year ago that she was really going to podcast herself. She learned everything there is to learn; from editing to publishing your podcast. And now she has deservedly won an award.

In her podcast, she wants to find out how much she is actually worth. How much can you charge per hour as a podcast maker? What can you promise and how do you go about it? 

For much-needed inspiration and advice, she asks other women how they went about it. This podcast is worth a spot in your list of favourites. 

Award winner for Media & Culture

The Lesbian League

Annefleur and Vera from the Lesbian League discuss the lesbian media in this podcast.

And so you get tips on series that catch their eye and their own view of the role distribution (who is the male) or, for example, the entourage.

They also talk about their experience as thirty-year-old first-time gay bar visitors and Annefleur reveals what her most lesbian holiday ever was like. Plenty to listen to, never a dull moment!

Award winner Sport

F1 at the table

With one of the most spectacular F1 years ever, this podcast is a must have on every sports fan's list. And Mattie Valk, as the inspirational presenter, makes sure that every episode is a party. 

F1 at the table is the podcast that brings you backgrounds, discussions and anecdotes from the F1 world and apart from Mattie you can also hear Olav Mol talk about all the ins-and-outs. A real F1 experience for your ears, so listen!


The podcast wins 

These were all the winners of 2021. And as far as we are concerned, the big winner is THE PODCAST. Because every year the interest in all Dutch podcasts grows and more are added.

The Dutch Podcast Awards, just like the Podcast Festival, is a fantastic initiative that strengthens the podcast community in the Netherlands. Our compliments not only to the winning podcasts but also to the organisers of these events and all the podcast-loving, podcast-making Dutch people!

Happy Podcasting ✌️

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